Photo author Jūrkalnes bibliotēkas foto arhīvs

Year: 2022

Author: Ainars Rullis

A new environmental object called “My Light” has been set up at the library in Jūrkalne

Embellished with laser-cut words in eight languages and year of establishment of the library, the stylized metal book with is illuminated when the night sets in.

There is a bench beside the book, where one can sit down, read, or just have a small chat about life. LET THERE BE MY, YOUR, OUR LIGHT!

The environmental object “My Light” highlights the importance of the library as the “carrier of light” in the rural area, region, and country in general, and it will create a positive image in the Ventspils Region.

The guests will be able to approach the book to take photos, thus promoting the rural area and region. While travelling, people tend to approach interesting objects to take photos.


Krasti, Jūrkalne, Jūrkalnes pagasts, LV-3626, Latvija

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