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Selle territooriumile kuuluv 21,45 ha suurune Mežaparks ja “Fantāzija” lastepark on planeeritud ja rajatud aastatel 2002-2006, samaaegselt raudteesõlme “Jūras Parks” rajamisega. Elamu kõrval asuv männimetsaala parandati kruusateede, aktiivse ja passiivse puhkuse kohtade ning valgustusega.

The guide includes more than 100 of the most significant objects related to the cultural history of Curses and Žemais in Latvia and Lithuania. For the convenience of travelers, the facilities are combined in 7 destinations in Kurzeme and 6 in Lithuania. The guide is available at Kurzeme tourist information centers and is free of charge.

In order to guarantee the safety of the equipment and its compliance with modern standards, a certified inspection of the playground equipment was carried out in Mežapark’s Jungle Trail, receiving a certificate of compliance of the equipment with safety requirements.

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