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Organist Alcée Chriss III to perform in Ventspils
Lielais laukums 1, Ventspils

On Friday, 30 September, the talented and most outstanding organist of his generation, Alcée Chriss III from the United States of America, will perform in the Concert Hall “Latvija”, in Ventspils.

Alcée Chris III was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an organist and keyboardist who in recent years has not only achieved professional and academic success but has also won the affection of an ever-growing fan base, making both professionals and music lovers speak of him as one of the brightest phenomena in organ music of his generation (born in 1992). In 2017, he won the Canadian International Organ Competition and also the E. Noël Spinelli and Johann Sebastian Bach awards, of which the latter was won also by the organist Iveta Apkalna. A year earlier, he was awarded the silver prize in the Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition, named after Firmin Swinnen. After his memorable appearances in competitions, concerts, and, for example, his solo album “Art et Rhaposodie” at the Montreal Symphony’s Place des Arts, Alcée Chris III became increasingly known as an artist who made music “with elegance, great ability, and admirable skill”. The American Record Guide, after reviewing the recording in Montreal, wrote that “he plays with clarity, imagination, musicality, virtuosity, and yes, personality”.

While studying at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. A. Chriss received a bachelor’s degree under the direction of such personalities as Olivier Latry, Marie-Louise Langlais, and James David Christie. Later at the same university during his master’s studies, he focused on historical keyboard instruments, and in 2019 he graduated from McGill University in Toronto with a doctorate degree, where he studied with Hans-Ola Ericsson, an organist well known to Latvian audiences.

The programme, which will include organ opuses by Johann Sebastian Bach, César Franck, Max Reger, Florence Price, Oscar Peterson, Richard Wagner, and Art Tatum, will not only demonstrate Alcée Chriss’ musical and technical skills through the interpretation of well-known compositions, but also his deep respect and love for gospel music and jazz, as well as his skills as a composer and arranger, given that he has adapted several organ pieces himself.

Tickets to Alcée Chriss III concert in the Concert Hall “Latvija”, Ventspils, on 30 September are available at all sales points of “Biļešu Paradīze”.

Alcée Chriss performing S. Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances op. 45 – I. Non Allegro:

Concert Hall “Latvija” online:


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