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One more cow exhibit in Ventspils

The exhibits of the Ventspils Cow Parade are now joined by a new cow, created in collaboration with the organizers of the festival of extreme and street sports “Ghetto Games” in Ventspils and the artist Vladislavs Lakše. The new exhibit is located next to the Ventspils Skatepark.

The Ventspils State City Municipality has been supporting the festival of extreme sports “Ghetto Games” in Ventspils for 9 years. The festival will bring together many local and international participants and spectators, and it is an awaited activity on the annual agenda of the major events in Ventspils.

In order to encourage placement of news in the urban environment and to contribute to the collaboration between the Ventspils Municipality and the team of “Ghetto Games”, an artwork – a painted cow figure – was created in collaboration with Vladislavs Lakše, the artist of “Ghetto Games”, using a cow figure from the “Cow Parade 2012”. It is one of three figures from the ensemble “National Cow”, which has not been used so far.

“The Ghetto Games Cow” was created, taking inspiration from the festival of extreme sports, and it bears the images of the local athletes Madars Apse and Kārlis Lasmanis, as well as other well-known athletes. The designer of the artistic image of “Ghetto Games”, as well as the creator of individual advertisement images, symbols, and other visual materials is the world-famous artist of Latvian origin Vladislavs Lakše. He is an artist with academic education, who balances art with sports. Vladislavs is able to evoke emotions of the spectators and bring up whatever is hidden deep in their subconsciousness. His works are provocative and anything but indifferent – they have earned thousands of comments under an NBA art post on Instagram and given rise to discussions about a drawing in an art gallery. In 2019, the artist concluded a two-year contract with the professional NBA basketball team Toronto Raptors.

Currently, there are 24 life-size cow figures and 3 large cow figures – “The Sailor Cow”, “The Flower Cow”, and “The Traveller Cow” – with a height of 4 meters and a width of 7 meters, located at different sites across the city. “The Ghetto Games Cow” has now become the cow No. 28, and it is located at the entrance of the Ventspils Skatepark in Kuldīgas iela 63.

All cow figures can be discovered, taking a walk through the streets of Ventspils and using a map of walking routes developed by the Tourism Information Centre, which is available here.

More information on the art campaigns “Cow Parade 2002” and “Cow Parade 2012” in Ventspils is available here, here, and here.



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