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12° Cair


Come and conquer the peaks of Ventspils

You can view places and take photos from different points of view, but the view from above is completely different – it is much more impressive. Ventspils Tourism Information Center (TIC) offers a collection of places where you can climb up and enjoy the views from above.

The only artificial mountain in Latvia “Lemberga hūte” ("Lembergs Trillby"), which serves as a ski mountain in winter and a great place for recreation and attractions in summer, is the honor and pride of Ventspils. Climbing the hill next to the red deer sculpture allows you to enjoy the widest view in Kurzeme. At the foot of the hill, the Ventspils Adventure Park is located, where you can have a lot of fun. Here, visitors have access to a wide range of attractions - cat trail, trampolines, bumper boats, bumper cars, camera jumping track, bungee jumping trampolines, springboards, inflatable attractions, children's driving school, wake park, paintball field and others.

In order to view the Baltic Sea, the impressive coastline and the harbor, you have to climb up to the observation tower of the South Pier, which is 12 meters high. This is one of the most beloved places for Ventspils residents and guests of the city, because here you can enjoy glorious sunsets, sea waves and welcome ships entering the sea gate in the lower reaches of the river Venta. At the foot of the tower there is a seating area with benches.

In the Old Town of Ventspils there is a Carillon bell tower with a viewing platform, which overlooks the historic market square. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the town hall was located around this place, so citizens gathered to listen to the decisions made by their leaders. In the round hours, the clock plays the melody of the song "Besides the Sea of Amber" (lat. “Pie dzintara jūras”), but at 12.33 and 00.33, a song by Uldis Marhilēvičs “Go ahead, Kurzeme” (lat. “Uz priekšu, Kurzeme”) the special Ventspils time is celebrated. There is also an attractive element in the bell tower building – a large counting dice, as well as an exposition of weights, volumes and measures created by the sculptor G. Panteļejevs.

It will definitely be interesting for space fans to climb on the roof of Ventspils Creative House, where an observatory is located. It is equipped with a high-quality telescope, which is used to observe the Sun during the day. In the evenings from September to April, the telescope is used for observing the planets, the Moon and the stars. The observations are exploratory and very interesting, as they are accompanied by the narrations of the observatory lecturers.

This spring, a new military heritage object opened its doors to visitors – the fire correction tower of Ventspils 46th Coast Guard Battery. The Ventspils military heritage site is unique because it is one of the few coastal defense structures in Latvia and the Baltics that depicts the history of World War II fortifications. In addition, it is the only well-preserved coastal protection battery in the Baltic States, without historical over-layers and in a complete set of structures. The visitors have the opportunity to look inside the tower and learn about its history. An information stand with a QR code is installed next to the tower, where an animation about the history can be seen with the help of a mobile application. In addition, visitors have access to a viewing platform with spectacular views of the surrounding forests and the Baltic Sea.

Also, lovers of science and history will be especially interested in a tour at the Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center in Irbene, where you can climb up the impressive RT-8 radio telescope tower. In order to see the locator and its territory, as well as to get a full retrospect of the place, it is possible to apply for an excursion. The excursion includes a walk around radio telescopes RT-32 and RT-16, a visitation of the RT-8 telescope with a chance to enjoy the beautiful Kurzeme from above, a hike through an underground tunnel and a tour of the F. Canders memorial in the "Crystal” building.



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