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Walking trails and routes for spring walks near the city of Ventspils
周四, 4. 三月 — 周五, 30. 四月. Ventspils

The nature is awakening, and the spring is in the air. The ice from the rivers is drifting to the sea, and the migratory birds are returning … One feels this strong urge to take it all in, observe and experience it all. Longer and shorter walks are a great way to enjoy the richness of nature surrounding us all year round. The Tourism Information Centre of Ventspils encourages you to enjoy the nature and draw the inspiration from the sea, dunes, lakes, rivers, forests, meadows and marshes, observe the plants growing therein and meet the wildlife during the spring time. There are several shorter and longer nature trails and hiking routes in the surroundings of Ventspils.


Seaside Park

(Start: Intersection of the streets Parka iela and Loču iela in Ventspils)

In Ventspils, there is a large Seaside Park with all amenities, where the entire family may enjoy recreational facilities and walks in fresh air. In addition to the great number of different small trails running through the area, the park offers two special trails – the Anchor Trail and the Jungle Trail. The walk in the park takes 1 to 2 hours.


Anchor Trail

This trail with a total length of 730 m offers the largest collection of anchors in the Baltic States – more than 140 different types of anchors, which are amongst the largest ones around the world. The largest of them weighs 23 tons and is 6 m high.


Jungle Trail

Especially children will enjoy this trail with a total length of 380 m, where they can climb and crawl just like in a real jungle. There are several foot-bridges, hanging bridges, a small tower and a route reaching the height up to 2 meters at its highest point set up in this park. During the summer season from May till late October, the narrow-gauge railway train “Mazbānītis” of the Sea-Side Open-Air Museum runs through the Seaside Park.


Nature Trail of the Lake Būšnieki

(Nature reserve “Būsnieku ezera krasts” (the Shore of the Lake Būšnieki), Ventspils. Start: Boat Station of the Lake Būšnieki, Staldzenes iela 70)

The nature trail with a total length of 8 km surrounds the entire lake. The Lake Būšnieki is covered by Natura 2000, the network of protected areas in Europe. A foot-bridge with a total length of 187 m stretches along the marshy shore of the lake, revealing a bird observation deck at the end of it. Equipped with 10 training devices appropriate for all age groups, there is a Health Trail set up in part A of the shore. On the shore of the lake, one can see well-maintained bathing and picknick areas, as well as bicycle parking racks. During the summer season, the Boat Station offers boat rental. The enthusiasts of active water sports will appreciate the foot-bridges set up for their convenience. The walk around the lake takes 2 hours.




Trail of the Marsh Vasenieki

(Nature reserve „Marshes of Stikli”, Parish Puze)

The Marsh Vasenieki is a raised bog located within the area of the nature reserve “Marshes of Stikli”. It entails a looped trail with a total length of 3.8 km and mostly consists of wooden foot-bridges. However, a small section of it includes a well-trodden mud road. The foot-bridge stretches along beautiful small bog lakes, through the forest and along the bever dam. Great care should be taken while walking along the trail, as the planks of the foot-board may be both flooded and slippery, depending on the weather. Therefore, it is recommended to use appropriate footwear. The walk takes 1.5 to 2 hours.


Nature Trail “Rīvas loki” (The Loops of Rīva)

(Labrags. Start: The Lutheran Church Ulmale-Labrags. End: Bridge at Gumbas over the River Rīva)

The route winds up and down the scenic primeval valley, down the River Rīva, revealing countless river meanderings and outcrops on steep banks. There are picturesque landscapes and a large variety of plants at every turn. The trail includes 3 sections. There are several simple rest areas with benches and campfire sits along the way. This route is recommended for active hikers, as it takes an average of 2.5 hours to cross all 3 sections of this trail with a total length of 8 km. 


Nature Trail “Usma – Elkrags”

(Usma. Start: open-air sanctuary)

The trail runs along the Lake Usma, revealing the legendary island “Moricsala”, which forms part of the Moricsala Reserve with a total area of 818 ha. Founded in 1912, it is the second-oldest reserve in Europe. Since the total length of the trail is only 0.7 km, the walk takes 15 minutes.


Nature Trail „Ugāles gravas“ (The Ravines of Ugāle)

(Ugāle. Start: Cyclo-Trial track near the stand of the club “Karters”)

The looped nature track “Ugāles gravas” with a total length of 5.9 km reveals three scenic ravines. The first one stretches until the hillfort of Ugāle. The trail runs along the great oak, alley and the old-growth larch grove, which is located near a steep ravine and in a short distance from the hillfort of Ugāle. The trail winds its way further along the hillfort, revealing both the top of it and the depths of the ravine. It stretches further under small arch bridges, along the graveyard of the Barons von Bähr, over the ravine through the forest of deers until the second ravine, from which a small spring inhabited by bevers flows. After crossing the highway Ventspils – Riga, the trail runs through a forest, reaching the third ravine, which is the deepest and largest of all three ravines with the most scenic landscapes. The trail is marked with green ribbons, orange markings on trees and reference signs indicating footmarks. The walk along the trail takes 1.5 hours.


Long-distance hiking route COASTAL TRAIL

The Coastal Trail is a long-distance hiking route, which forms part of the E9 and runs along a large part of the coastal area of the Baltic Sea in the Region Ventspils. You can start the long-distance hiking route at any section of the Coastal Trail running along the “Big Sea”. The coastal line of 109 km stretches from the village Labrags until the village Miķeļtornis. In this section, the most striking experiences are to be expected – steep coasts, untouched nature, amber stones, fishermen villages, silent beaches, lighthouses and the white healing sand.


Section 6 – 20 km: Pāvilosta – Ulmale – Labrags – Jūrkalne (duration of hiking: 7 to 9 hours).

Section 7 – 14 km: Jūrkalne – Ošvalki – Sārnate (duration of hiking: 5 to 7 hours).

Section 8 – 15 km: Sārnate – Užava (duration of hiking: 5 to 7 hours).

Section 9 – 20 km: Užava – Ventspils (duration of hiking: 7 to 9 hours).

Section 10 – 15 km: Ventspils – Staldzene (duration of hiking: 5 to 7 hours).

Section 11 – 17 km: Staldzene – Liepene – Jaunupe – Ovīši (duration of hiking: 6 to 8 hours).

Section 12 – 18 km: Ovīši – Lūžņa – Miķeļtornis (duration of hiking: 6 to 8 hours).

Ventspils_Dienvidu_mols_M.Danga.jpg        Sārnate_Užava_K.Dambrāns.jpg

Užavas_bāka_M.Danga.jpg        Miķeļtorbnis_M.Danga.jpg







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