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Top 10 Places in Ventspils to Visit on Rainy Days
周五, 28. 八月 — 周三, 30. 九月. Ventspils

When the weather surprises with wind gusts or rain drops, Ventspils Tourism Information Centre offers an opportunity to take a look at places that should be included in Ventspils sightseeing plan when the weather is not pleasant and not suitable for walks in the city. When visiting Ventspils, turn a rainy day into a fun-filled adventure!

Get acquainted with 3 transports with which to get to know Ventspils better:

1. A ride with a narrow gauge railway locomotive “Mazbānītis” offers to see Ventspils from another point of view –  along the 1.4 km long route, through the fragrant pine forests, looking at copies of ancient buildings.

/Riņķa Street 2, Ventspils/

2. Visitors can also go on a trip with the excursion boat "Hercogs Jēkabs" on rainy days without worries, because there is an opportunity to enjoy the trip inside the boat, looking out the window.

/ Intersection of Ostas Street and Tirgus Street, Ventspils/

3. Excursion train “Ventspils Train” takesVentspils guests through the most beautiful places in the city. During the trip you can see the most remarkable tourist attractions, historic buildings and colourful city parks and squares. Audio guide available in LV, RU, LT and DE languages.

/ Intersection of Ostas Street and Tirgus Street, Ventspils/

4. Digital exposition “Live History” at the Castle of the Livonian Order offers an opportunity to travel through the centuries, gaining an insight in the most significant events in Ventspils history. Different exhibitions are regularly available for viewing at the castle, as well as museum pedagogical classes for children.

/Jāņa Street 17, Ventspils/ 

5. Visiting the Science and technology museum “Kurzeme Demo Centre” will be an exciting experience for children and adults, because while visiting exhibits, everyone has the opportunity to perform interesting tasks and learn a lot of new information about the causes, consequences and solutions of climate change. 

/ Ventspils High Technology Park /

6. House of Crafts offers to look at the oldest classroom, as well as participate in pottery and weaving workshops. Textile mosaic exhibition “My Story” is available here for viewing all summer long.

/Skolas Street 3, Ventspils/ 

7. Planetarium of Ventspils Creativity House. To be in space, you no longer have to go on a long journey, now you can do that here in Ventspils! You can watch exciting planetarium star shows and 360 degree films about nature, the Universe and planets on the 8-meter-wide diameter screen in the largest digital planetarium in Latvia.

 /Maiznieku Street 11, Ventspils/

8. Ventspils libraries are not only places for literary collections, but also places that are distinguished by unique interior and design. Libraries also regularly host various educational and cultural events, which are popular with both the locals and city guests.

/Ventspils Main Library, Akmeņu Street 2, Ventspils, Pārventa Library, Tārgales Street 4, Ventspils/

9. Visiting the Ice Hall of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” will give positive emotions to children and adults. Possibility to skate with fun music and disco lights as well.

Information on public skating times:    

/Sporta Street 7/9, Ventspils/

 10. At the end of an active day, a visit to Ventspils cinema “RIO” will be able to provide positive emotions and guarantee a pleasant rest. Enjoy a relaxing break in a place where movies have been watched for 100 years. At the moment, two movie halls are available at the cinema for the convenience of viewers, showcasing the latest movies.

/Pils Street 28, Ventspils/

In rainy weather it is always interesting to look at the streets out the cafe window – the hot drink will always taste better and the indoor feeling will be cozier. The cafe can also be a good place if the rain has surprised you unprepared and there is a desire to seek shelter somewhere before you go further.

Where to eat in Ventspils:

All information gathered on attractions and entertainment objects is available:



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