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2° Cair




GPS:57.39741554275046, 21.5347939539659

"Azova", "Grots", "Rota"号渔船


The fishing vessel "Azova" with the length of 25 m and weight of 85 t manufactured in 1967, once bought for fishing with a crew of 6 people is now available for viewing.

The fishing vessel "Grots" is a cultural and historic site related to the history of the Baltic Sea fishery and is the oldest Baltic-type fishing trawler in Latvia, which operation is related to the fishery history in the Baltic Sea in the second half of the 20th century.The vessel Grots was built in 1973 in the town of Sosnovka (former USSR) and represents a particular type of a fishing vessel - many residents of Ventspils have sailed and fished on such type of fishing trawlers. Due to rapidly changing nature of fishery and fishing in the Baltic Sea, trawlers of such type were no longer used, and it is very important to preserve it as a testimony of history for the next generations.  (57.39741554275046, 21.5347939539659)

The pilot ship “Rota” was built in Leningrad in 1967 and is intended "to transport pilots and other officials to and from the ship", says the General Summary of the ship. The length of the ship is 20.2 meters, carrying capacity – about 8 tons. It is a unique ship, because there are no such ships anywhere else in Latvia, possibly even in the Baltics. “Rota” has served the Port of Ventspils all its working life. (GPS: 57.39393076855107, 21.54862681966087)







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