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21° Cwater




GPS 57.44498984885294, 21.605236530303955


Staldzene- 是一个很老的渔村还保留了一些19世纪留下了的农庄,它位于文茨皮尔斯北部在去Kolka的路上。


Staldzene的步行小道,海滨泳场和它陡峭的海岸线都很受当地人居民和游客喜爱。在2001年的一次台风的冲洗,在 Staldzene海岸线发现了铜器时代(公元前7世纪)留下来的珠宝首饰和手工制品,这是菠萝地诸国里发现的一笔珍贵的财富,这些珍品在文茨皮尔斯博物馆的立窝尼亚骑士团城堡中展出。

Geological and geomorphological nature monument Staldzene steep coastline” was created in 2001 with an area of 8.6 ha to protect and preserve unique moraine outcrops of Kurzeme glaciation, clay deposits of the Latvian ice age final phase and deposits of other historical stages of the Baltic basin.

Staldzene steep coast is the highest in Latvia.

It is a typical abrasive-type coastline 4 to 8 m high, where deposits of various stages of the Baltic Sea development are exposed for approximately 400 m. As a result of the erosion of the sea, the steep coast is washed away. Based on marine coastline monitoring data, the annual deviation of the coast is estimated at 1 m, because of which the area of the natural monument is reduced and is currently about 6 ha. Therefore, this outcrop has a limited lifetime, reports the information source of the Specially protected nature territory of Ventspils City.

Its height has also decreased in the last decade. In the 70s of the last century, the height of the steep coast reached 12 m.  Washing away of the steep coast is determined by the combination of several factors, including specific meteorological conditions – wind speed and direction, air temperature, sea level height, currents, waves, ice formation, etc. The Ventspils Port Piers and the deep fairway channel still have a significant impact, which completely stops the natural movement of sediments past the port to the north.

Staldzene steep coastline contains protected habitats of European and Latvian importance: wooded seaside dunes, boreal forests, calcareous sand meadows and gray dunes covered with herbaceous plants.  There are also 8 specially protected plant species in the territory of the nature monument. Some plants are found only in Ventspils and Pape area in Latvia.

The conservation plan prepared to protect the Staldzene steep coastline includes the preservation of ancient Baltic Sea sediments. The City Municipality supported the Environmental Board’s proposal to extend the length of the nature monument in the direction of Loshupe.



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