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Address: Užava,Užava parish,Ventspils district

Phone: +371 63630573; +371 28341836

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From 1 April  to 31 October 

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Tue.- Sun. 10.00-16.00

From 1 November to 31 March

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GPS: 57.20907, 21.41465



Užava Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Užava has been included in the list of the national protected cultural monuments and is located about 20 km south from Ventspils. It stands on one of the three high wooded dunes – the so-called Teniroka dune (28 m high). From afar, this dune reminds people of a baking over, therefore, in the 19th century the German name of Užava lighthouse was Bakofen.

Užava was mentioned in historical sources for the first time already in 1230. It is believed that already in the 17th-18th century a navigation fire in the form of a bonfire was placed on a pile of stones in order to serve as a guidance sign for ships on their way to Ventspils.

The construction of the first Užava lighthouse was ended in 1879 when also a pier for supplying construction materials was built. The Užava lighthouse was a tower of bricks that was connected with a single story dwelling house for the staff working in the lighthouse. A light room of metal with a lantern in it was placed on the top of the tower. On September 10, 1879 light signals were first sent from the Užava lighthouse with the help of an optical system. In 1910, a piling with 7-8cm thick planks and stones in front of the wall was created, since due to the flat seashore the waves destroyed the base dunes. During World War I, the Užava lighthouse was seriously damaged – the cylindrical part of it and the outbuildings were destroyed. Only the octagonal base of the tower (on which the construction of the new lighthouse was finished on February 21, 1925) remained intact. The external shape of the new tower is identical to the previous lighthouse.

Throughout the lighthouse’s existence stabilization of the adjacent coastal slope have been carried out. In the 1920’s and 1930’s wicker baskets filled with pebbles, and boulders were used for fixation. In 1970’s these were replaced by concrete blocks.

The lighthouse has four floors; it is plastered, whitewashed and connected to the dwelling house. In the 1950’s the height of the tower was 19.4m. Inside the tower – around the central column – a metal spiral staircase is placed. On the top of the tower a balcony with metal railings and a metal-structured light room is placed (its diameter – 3m – is equal to the diameter of the lighthouse).

Built in 1879, renewed in 1925
Tower height – 19 m
Altitude – 44 m
The flashing light is visible 15 nautical miles distant

Ticket prices 

Lighthouse visit for adults

EUR 1,00 

Lighthouse visit for children  

EUR 0,50


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Adresse: Dārzu iela 6, Ventspils, LV 3601
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