Avaldamise kuupäev 10.05.2023

Friday, May 12 from 18:00, hockey fans will be expected at the market square of the old town of Ventspils to follow and support the Latvian national team at the World Hockey Championship! The opening game will be broadcast on the big screen at 20.

From 18 different activities are planned – Jaunrades nama table hockey tournament (participation will be available on the spot), HK Venspils – hockey goal competition, Sportland Latvija – hockey quiz competition. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Fortune and receive gifts from supporters. DJ Lācis and the host of the evening will ensure a good atmosphere. Dealers will be on site. Participation in the event is free. The event takes place with the support of the municipality of Ventspils.

All event dates:
Latvia – Canada on May 12 at 20.20 Event from 18:00;
Latvia – Slovakia on May 13 at 20.20 Event from 18:00;
Latvia – Czech Republic on May 15 at 20.20 Event from 18:00;
69 / 5 000 Tulkošanas rezultāti Tulkojuma rezultāts Latvia – Norway on May 17 at 16.20 Event from 14:00;
Latvia – Slovenia on May 19 at 16.20 Event from 14:00;
Latvia – Kazakhstan on May 20 at 20.20 Event from 18:00;
Latvia – Switzerland on May 23 at 20.20 Event from 18.

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