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Publish date 20.09.2023

The Ventspils Digital Center invites everyone interested to participate in the free creative workshops “Cosmos exploration”, which take place as part of the European Night of Scientists. The workshops offer the opportunity to learn more about stars and meteorites using various digital tools, as well as to master clothing printing technique, which allows you to print fabric at home.

Scientists’ Night activities take place at the Digital Transformation Centre, where a variety of interesting space-themed activities will be organised in both halls. In the East Hall, different stations will be used to learn more about stars, clouds, meteorites and the International Space Station through mobile apps, computer games, videos and robotics. In the West Hall, visitors can learn how to print fabric or a piece of clothing using simple household items.

The Ventspils Digital Centre’s Scientists’ Night workshop “Space Exploration” will take place on on 29 September, 15.00 – 18.00 at the Digital Transformation Centre, Akmeņu Street 5:

  • East Hall, 15.00 – 18.00:
    • A chance to learn interesting and useful facts about space using a variety of digital tools.
    • Hands-on activities will provide interesting information about stars, clouds, meteorites and the International Space Station.
  • West Hall, 17.00 – 18.00:
    • Participants will learn how to make clothing stickers at home and print an item of clothing!
    • Bring long-forgotten or worn-out t-shirts, dresses or other clothes that need a “second life”!
    • A variety of NASA, space and planet stickers will also be available on site.

Everyone is welcome to participate, no age limit! The workshops are free and no prior registration is required.

Up-to-date information about training is available at www.digitalaiscentrs.lv, on the Digital Centre’s social networks Facebook and Instagram (@vdcentrs), as well as at the Ventspils Digital Centre, Akmeņu iela 3, by emailing [email protected] or calling 63607607.

Please note that during events organised by the Ventspils Digital Centre, photography, video or audio-visual recording may be carried out to ensure transparency of information and for illustrative artistic purposes, publicity, marketing and interviews. Photos and videos may be posted on the Ventspils Digital Centre’s portal www.digitalaiscentrs.lv, as well as on social networks Facebook, Instagram

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