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Adress: Zūras, Vārves pag., Ventspils novads


GPS: 57.2539,21.6096

Zuras manor, park and linden avenue


The Zuras manor complex consists of the manor house and outbuildings – a stable, a hayloft, a servants' house, a dryer and a barn. The oldest of them is the barn with a small tower dating back to 1803.

The construction of the manor house of Zuras manor took place in the middle of the 19th century under the guidance of the Berlin architect Theodor Zeiler. The building was built in the restrained manner typical of Lambsdorfs.

From 1938 to 1996, the Zuras Agricultural School was located here.

The building is currently privately owned and is closed to visitors. 


Next to the manor house is a 6.6 ha. free layout park with a regular parade courtyard, large local trees and some valuable exotics, including the Amur cork tree. The family cemetery of the Lambsdorfs is located in park section “D”.


The Zuras manor avenue, planted in 1904, is the longest double-row avenue in Latvia. It has the status of a protected avenue. There are two sections of the avenue. The first section is the double avenue, where two rows of trees with linden trees grow on each side of the road and ash and horse chestnuts are planted after each regular section. The second section is a relatively short part of the avenue at its eastern end, where horse chestnut is predominant.



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