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Address: Zlēkas, Ventspils novads 

GPS: 57.1218773, 21.8106005

Karātavkalns (Gallows Hill)

The Gallows Hill is located to the east of Zlēkas manor which was once a sanctuary of ancestors - a place of idols. In later times, the Crusaders and landlords turned it into a place of punishment to scare people away from it with their terrible actions. Mighty grand trees grow on the hill and a recreation park has been created with the environmental objects Phoenix and the Eye of the Universe. Zlēkas Recreation Park is designed as a monument to people with special abilities.

To the west of the hill there is a mass grave of the victims of the Zlēkas tragedy. In December 1944, German SD and SS units exterminated 160 residents of Zlēkas Parish for supporting nationalist partisan-Kurels.


You can find all tourist attractions of Zlēkas Parish here:

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