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Secular Stones in Ziru parish

There are three secular stones in Ziru parish – Jostnieku secular stone (length – 4.7m, width – 4.6m, height – 2m), Dzeišarāju secular stone (length – 7.4m, width – 3.4m, height – 1.4m)

It is very difficult to find two of the stones – Dzeišarāju and Jostnieku secular stone. Kalnarāju secular stone is by the house “Kalnarāji”.

There is a legend that on the wide surface of the Dzeišarāju secular stone two just married couples had danced, but on the beautiful Jostnieku secular stone you can see dent that looks like artificially made hole.

In order to illustrate Dzešarāju and Jostnieku secular stones, photographs that were shot during the expedition around Ventspils district 27 May, 2012 made by Juris Metums (Member of the Board of Latvian Petroglyph Centre) are used. More information about the expedition is available on: www.draugiem/dabaszimes

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