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Address: Puzes un Usmas pagasts, Ventspils novads


Stikli Swamps

Stikli Swamps started to develop approximately 5000 to 7000 years ago. They are in the Puze and Usma parish in Ventspils district, and in Valdgale parish in the Talsi district.

Stikli Swamps complex is the biggest one in the western part of Latvia. In the more shallow places of Baltic Ice Lake Vasenieku Swamp, Stiklu Dižpurvs, Vanagu Swamp, Pumpura Swamp, Zvaguļupurvs, Bērzpurvs and Lūžniekpurvs have developed. Trīšautpurvs and Sēmes Swamp (that are not included in the nature reserve) is also a part of Stikli Swamps, and Salas Swamp that is already partly used for peat extraction.

There are eight protected areas in Europe and two protected areas in Latvia in the Stikli Swamps; as well as there are 109 protected plant and animal species both in Europe and Latvia living there. It is a significant territory as a nesting ground and also for the birds of passage.

Stikli Swamps is one of the 275 nature reserves in Latvia. Stikli Swamps has been granted the status of a Protected Area of the European Union Natura 2000. 

In order for tourists to better get to know the swamp and its inhabitants, there is a plank-way in one of the swamps of Stikli Swamps – Vasenieku Swamp.


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