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Address: "Alutiņi", Užavas pag., Ventspils nov., LV-3627, LATVIJA

Phone: +371 29219145


Homepage: Užavas alus

GPS: 57.19783, 21.44137


Užava Beer Brewery

A good beer is a quality of a good life. The Užavas brewery has gained its popularity among the consumers by making a high quality natural beer with a variety of taste which does not undergo any additional treatment process. Because of this natives call this beer the ‘natural’ or ‘living’ beer. In the brewing process of Užavas beer only the highest quality raw material is being used – barley malt, water, beer yeast and hops. 


If you are interested in the history of the Užavas brewery, the nuances of brewing and the future plans of the company, you have the possibility to sign up for a 50 min. group excursion (20 to 40 people in a group) which includes also degustation. You can sign up dialing (+371) 29 219 145.  


Since the year 2008 a long awaited outlet has been working in the brewery, where one can buy not only 0.5l bottles of the light and the dark Užavas beer, but also 5l bottles filled in the morning with draft beer.

The outlet provides opportunity for the lovers of the Užavas beer to purchase different beer souvenirs, but for the young clients ice-cream and soda will be the source of joy.     

All tourist objects of Užava parish available here:



Opening hours

08:00-18:00 (1,2,3,4,5)

10:00-16:00 (6,7)

10:00- 15:00  (National holidays)



Address: 6 Darzu iela, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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