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Address: Maiznieku iela 11

Phone: 63622805

Working times (01.06 - 31.08.): 

Mon. 08:00 - 19.00

Tue. 08:00 - 19.00

Wed. 08:00 - 19.00

Thurs. 08:00 - 19.00

Fri. 08:00 - 19.00

Sat. 10:00 - 19.00

Sun. 10:00 - 19.00


GPS 57.39567169999999, 21.56292439999993


Ventspils Creative Centre with Planetarium

Ventspils Creative Centre with Planetarium offers a discount starting

In 1912 built Latvian Society House is now renovated, and it houses Ventspils Pupils’ Creativity House. The building still maintains the main hall, which is well-known in Ventspils for its great acoustics, and it can host up to 320 people. The new planetarium gives visitors the ability not only to observe the Sun and other stars, but also to watch 3-D films on various topics (natural life, depth’s of the ocean, and outer-space). Also an observatory fitted with a digital telescope for exploration of the breath-taking planets is situated in the Creativity House. Even the backyard has become a reproduction of a city’s road network with all the pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and signs in order to educate the children and remind the grown-ups about road safety.


Planetarium dome’s size is 8m in diameter, and it can accommodate up to 40 people. Planetarium projector gives the audience a chance to view unique and stunning star shows and films by using up-to-date software.

The shows are 45 to 50 minutes long, and they take place everyday. The content of shows is a subject to change, so the visitors would be interested to come again and reveal yet new secrets of the universe.


The observatory houses a high-quality telescope through which the Sun and different planets can be seen. The telescope is fitted with the best solar filters in Latvia.

The observing shows are 45 to 50 minutes long. During the shows you can view the Sun and other stars, and planets and attend educational presentation about the novelties of astronomy.


Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday:

  • 10:00 Show “Solar System” + cartoon “Khrumka’s Adventures in the Winter Forest”

  • 11:00 Show “Discovering the Universe” + “Phantom of the Universe”
  • 12:00 Show “Stars Motions” + movie “The hot and energetic Universe”
  • 13:00 OBSERVATORY only in good weather*
  • 15:00 Show “Time of Stars” + cartoon “Beyond The Sun”
  • 16:00 Show “Tonight’s Sky” + movie “Our Violent Planet”
  • 17:00 Movie “Constellations”
  • 18:00 Show ” The Mysterious Moon ” + movie “From Earth to the Universe”

*Sunny weather, wind up to 12 m/s or show  in planetarium “Time of Stars” + movie “Two Small Pieces of Glass”.

Making reservation for all session, the group can choose with movie they will see.

All movies are translated in different languages. During ticket reservation you must also reserve audio guide if it will be necessary. Audio guide in English, Russian, Lithuanian and German languages is for free.


Ticket reservation: +37163622805

Opening hours

08:00-19:00 (1,2,3,4,5);

10:00-19:00 (6)

10:00-16:00 (7)



Address: 6 Darzu Street, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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