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Adress: Ventspils novads, Usmas pagasts

Moricsala reserve

It is not possible to visit Moricsala reserve.

Moricsala is one of the last places that people have not changed or have changed a little; there more than 200 years human commercial activity has been prohibited.

Moricsala nature reserve is the oldest territory in Latvia that was established during tsarist Russia in 1912. Almost 100ha big oak and linden forest is on the island in Usma reserve.

Distinguishing feature of Moricsala is the very old forest where trees are up to 500 years old. There are rare types of lichen, moss and insects. Moricsala is a paradise for Latvian bugs, and it is also the only place in Latvia where ospreys are living. 222 types of butterflies have been established in the reserve, some of which cannot be found neither elsewhere in Latvia, nor Baltic States.

Moricsala reserve has been granted the status of a Protected Area of the European Union Natura 2000, as well as is on the list of Important Bird Areas of European Union.


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