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Winners of Competition for the Best Catering and Accommodation Companies in Ventspils 2018 Awarded

On Thursday, January 31, the winners of competition for the best catering and accommodation companies in 2018 were awarded at a formal ceremony at the Castle of the Livonian Order. This year’s competition surprised with new nominations and a special medieval mood at the awards ceremony. The awards at the ceremony were presented by Deputy Chairman of Ventspils City Council Didzis Ošenieks, however, the event’s wonderful atmosphere was maintained by the charismatic host Edvards Grieze.

This is the competition’s “The Best Catering Company in Ventspils” 20th anniversary since Ventspils City Council acknowledges catering services and their quality provided in Ventspils. 50 catering companies overall were evaluated in the competition.

The winners of competition “The Best Catering Company in Ventspils 2018” are:

Group I. Cafes with table service:

1.Cafe “Skroderkrogs”;

2.Restaurant “TEX-MEX”;

3.Pub “Zītari”.

Group II. Cafes without table service:

1.Cafe “Bullīts”;

2.Cafe “Burgerbārs”;

3.Cafe “Lata”.

Group III. Fast food companies:

1.Cafe “Jaunpilsēta”;

2.Cafe “Panorāma”;

3.Cafe “Akvārijs”.

Group IV. Cafeterias:

1.Cafeteria “Bitīte”;

2.Cafeteria “Kārumnieks”;

3.Cafe “Mūsmājas”.

The best employees of catering companies were also honored – waiters, cooks and bartenders. Such nominations as “Service Culture”, “Meal offers” and“Beverage offers” are this year’s competition novelties.

I “Service Culture”. Best waiter:

Dāvis Raitis, pub “Zītari”.

II “Meal offers”. Best cook:

Olga Čapligina, cafe“Skroderkrogs”.

III “Beverage offers”. Best bartender:

Artūrs Raževskis, Toms Vočtavs, pub "Cali Bārs".

Special prize was presented to Evita Pūce, employee of cafe “Jūras brīze”, she received recognition for long-term work, however, Bao Wei Hsi – representative of restaurant “Vēja roze”, received recognition for a successful Chinese restaurant concept.

Winners of “Ventspils Public Choice” award, determined by online voting at and Ventspils social media accounts,are:

I Cafes with table service:

Cafe “Skroderkrogs”;

II Cafes without table service:

Cafe “Burgerbārs”;

III Fast food companies:

Cafe “Jaunpilsēta”;

IV Cafeterias:

Cafe “Mūsmājas”.

Whereas according to the group of independent experts and voluntary mothers who voted for Baby-friendly service in Ventspils, the award was received by cafe “Windau coffee”.

For 11 consecutive years there has been a tradition to award the best accommodation companies in Ventspils. 50 accommodation companies were evaluated in this year’s competition. Awards were presented in five group nominations.

The best Ventspils accommodation companies in 2018 are:

Group I “Hotels”:

1.Hotel“Raibie logi”, Lielais prospekts 61, Ventspils;

2.Hotel “Jūras brīze”, Vasarnīcu street 34, Ventspils;

3.Hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, Lielais prospekts 33, Ventspils.

Group II “Accommodation in Private House and Apartments”:

1.Apartments “Rātslaukuma apartamenti”, Baznīcas street 2, Ventspils;

2.Apartments “Villa Victoria”, Kroņu street 6, Ventspils;

3.Apartments “Marbella Rezidence”, Sinagogas street 10, Ventspils.

Group III “Guest Houses”:

1.Guest house “Marbella”, Karlīnes street 28, Ventspils;

2.Guest house “Veldzes nams”, Saules street 83, Ventspils;

3.Guest house “Zītari”, Tirgus street 11, Ventspils;

Group IV “Holiday Houses”:

1.Holiday house “Amrai”, Skrundas street 39, Ventspils;

2.Holiday house “Namelis”, Piltenes street 28, Ventspils;

3.Holiday house “Pliederi”, Vītolu street 2, Ventspils;

Group V “Hostels and Youth Hostels”:

1.Youth hostel “Venta”, Jūras street 14, Ventspils;

2.Hostel of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, Inženieru street 101, Ventspils.

According to a suggestion by Ventspils Tourism Information Centre, in each group special prizes were also presented to the highest score achievers on in Ventspils, 2018 – hotel “Jūras brīze”, guest house “Pulkvedis”, holiday house “Mazie Brocēni”, “Ventspils Rātslaukuma apartamenti” and hostel of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences. Ventspils Seaside Camping received a special prize for the widest range of accommodation offers to visitors with campers and tents in Ventspils, 2018. Whereas guest house “40 saules” received a certificate of recognition for organising creative events in Ventspils, 2018.

All winners received certificates of recognition from Ventspils City Council according to the competition regulations. All the first place winners have the opportunity to publish information in Ventspils Tourism Brochure and Map 2019 for free. The second place winners will be able to include information in Ventspils Tourism Map 2019 free of charge. Ventspils City Council announces the competition results and promotes the winners of first three places in mass media.

Ventspils City Council and Ventspils Tourism Information Centre expresses gratitude to all participants of the competition for their everyday work in the field of hospitality!

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