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Things to Do

Address: Located in Zlēku Parish, 64 km to the mouth of the Venta River, on the right side of the river. 1.9 km from Zlēku rectory.

GPS: 57.10472414542, 21.847082613037

Paventas Hillfort

The hillfort is relatively large, but it is now overgrown with trees, and difficult to see. A 3 m high on the Northern side embankment was created on the cape between the steep bank of the Venta River and a small dike gorge. The hillfort offers a beautiful view of the arches of the Venta River.


You can find all tourist attractions of Zlēkas Parish here:

Opening hours

08:00-17:00 (1,2,3,4,5)

Tourism information only by calling, via e-mail, on-site only with certificate!

10:00-16:00 (6)

Tourism information only by calling, via e-mail,on-site only with certificate!

10:00- 16:00 (7)

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10:00- 15:00  (National holidays)

Tourism information only by calling, via e-mail!



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