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Things to Do

Children`s playgrounds

When visiting Ventspils with your children, you will appreciate the nurturing and attractive children’s playgrounds that are located throughout the whole city – in parks, squares and yards – with benches set up next to them for the convenience of the parents. 

Children’s playgrounds are located:

1. Children`s town  (Lielais prospekts - Vasarnīcu street - J. Poruka street)

2. Jungle Trail at  Seaside park

3. Children`s  playgrounds at Ventspils Blue Flag Beach

4. Playground at the Beach Park

5. Playground at Inžnenieru street 93

6. Playground on the corner of Saules and  Rinķa Street

7. Playground at Katoļu street 34A

8. Playground at the Lielais prospekts 27-29

9. Playground at the Renķa Garden

10. Playground at  Kuldīgas street 110

11. Playground at the corner of Kalēju and Tukuma Street

12. Playground at "Selga"

13. Playground "Brīnumzeme" (on the corner of Virves and  Pulkveža Street)

14. Playground at Brīvības street 29

15. Playground at Lielajā prospektā 13A

16. Playground at Brīvības street 16A

17. Playground at Sarkanmuižas dambī 5

18. Playground at Sarkanmuižas dambī 20/22

19. Playground at Jūras street 3A

20. Playground at Brīvības street 21A

21. Playground at Sarkanmuižas dambī 11

22. Playground at Sarkanmuižas dambī 21

23. Playground at the Kustes Garden

24. Playground equipment at Pārventa Elementary School

25. Playground at Usmas street 16

26. Playground at Šķērsu street 1A

27. Playground at Lidotāju street 17A

28. Playground at Lidotāju street 18A

29. Playground at Lidotāju ielā 24/26

30. Playground at Talsu street 12 (pie Pārventas tirgus)

31. Playground at Talsu street 7, 7A

32. Pārventas forest trail

33. Children`s Park "Fantasy"

34. Playground at Lielajā prospektā 33/35

35. Playground at Pētera 4

36. Playground at Embūtes 49

37. Playground at Celtnieku street 2A

38 Playground at Inženieru street 73/75


Opening hours

08:00-18:00 (1,2,3,4,5)

10:00-16:00 (6,7)

10:00- 15:00 

(National holidays)




Address: 6 Darzu Street, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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