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Publish date 03.10.2023

On 11 October at 19.00, the Concert Hall “Latvija” will present the song cycle “The Return of Light” by Uldis Marhilevičs and Guntars Račs, which was created in 2001 and whose main theme is still relevant. The concert will feature Ance Krauze, Andris Ērglis, Gundars Grasbergs, as well as Uldis Marhilevičs and the Jazeps Medins 1st Music School of Riga Boys Choir under the direction of Romāns Vanags.

Composer Uldis Marhilevičs recalls that the programme “The Return of Light” was initiated by conductor Romāns Vanags, who asked him to compose a song for the ensemble he was leading. “We came together with the lyricist Guntars Račs, who found a very good theme that is eternal – light against darkness, the struggle of light against darkness. Twenty-one years have passed since the cycle was created, and today we are singing it again,” says Marhilevičs.

The lyricist Guntars Račs also considers this song cycle special: “Marhils and I have many collaborations, but the cycle “The Return of Light” is a special work, each song of which has also proved to be viable on its own. I am very proud that the song cycle has stood the test of time and will see new performances. The theme of the return of light is also particularly relevant in the context of the war in Ukraine. The light always returns, no matter how dark everyday life may seem.”

The song cycle “The Return of the Light” was first performed in 2003. Two years later, the song cycle was performed in its entirety on the Mežaparks Grand Stage at the Pupils’ Song and Dance Festival.

Singer Ance Krauze will be on stage again this time – 20 years after the premiere – and she will be accompanied by singer Andris Ērglis (Tumsa) and actor Gundars Grasbergs (Teicējs). The Concert will be performed by the cycle’s composer Uldis Marhilevičs and the choir for which the work was originally intended – the Jazeps Medins 1st Music School of Riga Boys Choir under the direction of Romāns Vanags. “Our Choir’s collaboration with composer Uldis Marhilevičs is long, deep and wide, and that is why I am very happy that this autumn, when it is getting dark outside, his concert programme “The Return of Light” will be performed in Latvia, so in a way we will be light bearers,” says Romāns Vanags.

The Concert is organised by SIA “Art Management Group”. Tickets are available at “Biļešu paradīze”.

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