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Publish date 05.10.2023

This year’s World Dictation in Latvian will take place on Saturday, 14 October, at 12.15. This will be the ninth time the Dictation will take place. To take part in the Dictation in person, you need to register in advance at www.raksti.org, where you will be able to choose from 16 writing locations in 11 Latvian cities – including Ventspils.

In Ventspils, the Dictation will take place in Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, Room D 103, where the total number of available places is 60. Registration for the in-person Dictation will be open until the evening of 12 October. Those who do not manage to register in time will be able to do so at the venue shortly before the Dictation starts, but please note that this will only be possible if there are free places, so the organisers recommend registering early on the website.

As in previous years, this year’s Dictation will also be available remotely, which does not require a special registration form, but does require a user account on raksti.org. For remote participation, the Dictation will be broadcast live on “Latvijas Radio 1”, “Latvijas Televīzija” and Latvian public media portal lsm.lv, as well as on the Dictation’s website.

World Dictation in Latvian is a private initiative aimed at developing the Latvian language and strengthening its roots in today’s multicultural environment. In nine years, it has grown from a small event organised by language enthusiasts to an international project, with 2000 participants from 29 countries last year. Every year, one of the modern Latvian writers creates a text of about 300 words, which is dictated by a famous Latvian actor. This year, writer Māris Bērziņš was chosen as the author of the dictation.

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