Publish date 01.09.2023

One of the most powerful Latvian rock bands “Dzelzs vilks”, commemorating more than 30 years on stage and celebrating the recently released album “Jauni”, will embark on the most ambitious concert tour of the band “Dzelzs vilks. Jauni 30” this autumn.

“We celebrated the 30th anniversary of “Dzelzs vilks” in 2021 more quietly, as no bigger events could take place, but this year, with the band’s latest studio album “Jauni” in the back of our minds, we have decided to celebrate this anniversary with a major concert tour, taking with us the brightest musical baggage of “Dzelzs vilks” and looking to the future with new music,” the musicians say about the upcoming tour.

“For a little more than three decades, “Dzelzs vilks” has been an explosive phenomenon in the Latvian rock music scene, both in the band’s recordings and on concert stages. With 15 studio albums and seven Latvian Music Recording Awards “Zelta mikrofons” under their belt, the band consistently attracts fans of all generations, keeping the audience on a strong rock wave at every performance.

The band’s classics – “Uijā uijā nikni vilki”, “Balerīna”, “Oranži mati”, “Ļauj man tevi”, etc. – as well as the latest songs from the studio album “Jauni” – the chart-topping “Ir” and “Tu negaidīji rītu”, as well as “Tās vēl nav beigas” from the popular feature film “Klases salidojums” – have made their mark not only on the airwaves, but also in the hearts of listeners.

“When the Latvian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is established, “Dzelzs vilks” will be in the top five of the bands to be included in it. […] this is music for grown-up people. Who are still young,” writes culture journalist Toms Treibergs about the band’s latest album “Jauni”. “This album is for us and about us,” says critic Dace Volfa, while culture and music journalist Kaspars Zaviļeiskis, describing “Dzelzs vilks” latest work, exclaims: “Still makes my heart beat!”.

Founded in 1991 in Mālpils, “Dzelzs vilks” was established by Juris Kaukulis, a soloist, guitarist and songwriter whose timbre of voice, charismatic manner of performance and tireless energy cannot be confused with anyone else’s. The band currently also includes Kaspars Tobis (synthesizers), Mārcis Judzis (drums) and Kārlis Alviķis (bass).

The concert tour “Dzelzs vilks. Jauni 30” will feature a full line-up of favourite compositions, as well as less frequently performed pieces and the latest works by “Dzelzs vilks”.

Tickets for concerts can be purchased at “Biļešu Paradīze”.

“Dzelzs vilks. Jauni 30” anniversary concert in Ventspils will take place: 22 November at 19.00 at the Theatre House “Jūras vārti” in Ventspils.

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