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Publish date 01.09.2023

The following writers, poets and translators are working at the International House of Writers and Translators in September: (Ivan Riabchyi (Ukraine), Reeli Reinaus (Estonia), Emija Grigorjeva (Latvia), Ambika Thompson (Germany), Annu Kekäläinen (Finland), Daila Ozola (Latvia), Contra (Estonia), Inga Žolude (Latvia), Erika Frey Timillero (Switzerland), Elīna Vendija Rībena (Latvia)

The International Writers’ and Translators’ House continues to invite Ukrainian and Nordic authors and translators with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. From Ukraine will be translator, journalist and publicist Ivan Riabchyi, who is currently writing a collection of short stories about life in Ukraine. From the Nordic countries, Reeli Reinaus, a well-known children’s book author from Estonia will be in the house for the first time. Also from Estonia will be Contra, a Latvian literary translator who is currently translating Aleksandrs Grīns’s novel “Dvēseļu putenis”. Annu Kekäläinen, a Finnish writer, photographer and documentary film-maker, who is currently working on her fifth novel, will be present for the first time.

Ambika Thompson, a writer from Germany, is in the House for the first time, as well as Erika Frey Timillero, a Swiss author who writes short stories.

For the first time, Latvian authors will include poet Emija Grigorjeva, who is currently translating works by Lithuanian authors, and Elīna Vendija Rībena, who is working on a forthcoming collection of short fiction/poetry. Writer Inga Žolude has been there several times and will return in September.

The project is financially supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Nordisk Kulturkontakt.

For more information on the residents and events, please visit www.ventspilshouse.lv and Facebook.

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