Publish date 01.06.2023

On June 7, reconstruction works were started on the section of Ostas Street from Jāņa Street to Dārzu Street. During the construction works, the section to be rebuilt will be completely closed to traffic, and traffic will be allowed only in one direction in the section from Ostas iela to Lielajai iela on Pils iela.

SIA “VIA” won the open tender announced by the Ventspils Freeport Authority for the reconstruction of the section of Ostas ielas. The construction contract was concluded for 2.23 million and the works must be completed within six months, so by the end of this year.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do without traffic restrictions during the construction work. The traffic organization change scheme was developed by the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of the Ventspils State City Municipality. The main changes, of course, affect the reconstructed section from Jāņa street to Dārzu street, where traffic will be completely closed. The second biggest change will be on Pils iela, where during the construction works there will be one-way traffic in the section from Ostas iela to Lielajai iela. We ask residents to follow the directions carefully!

Ostas iela in Ventspils is not only a street close to the port, as it is right next to the piers of the left bank of Venta, but also a place where tourism, cultural and entertainment activities take place. Also, this approximately 600-meter-long section has various communications infrastructure. The major reconstruction works in this section took place in the mid-1990s, when it was transformed from a worn-out embankment into a luxurious harbor promenade. In almost 30 years, the coating has worn out and needs to be replaced.

The reconstruction of Ostas ielas will be the last stage in the project of restoration and reconstruction of access roads implemented by the Ventspils Freeport Authority. Until the end of 2023, renovation or construction of 19 access road sections with a length of almost 13 kilometers is underway in Ventspils. The total eligible costs of the project are 19.65 million euros. 85% of the eligible costs are covered by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union.

See HERE for the changes in traffic organization during the reconstruction of Ostas ielas construction works.

Osta Street promenade in photo fixation before reconstruction:

Photo author Ventspils hronikas arhīvs

Project no. “Development of access roads to the terminals and industrial zones in the territory of the Ventspils Freeport” is implemented within the framework of the 6.1.1 specific support goal “Increase the security level of large ports and improve the mobility of the transport network” of the operational program “Growth and employment” .

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