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Publish date 12.09.2023

School trips are an integral part of the school experience, providing the opportunity to go on various educational and fun adventures with your classmates that will be remembered long after school is over. The Ventspils Science Centre VIZIUM invites all curious pupils to spend an unforgettable day exploring, discovering, enjoying and learning new and useful knowledge in an exciting way.

VIZIUM is like a city of the future, where you can explore science in an exciting way through interactive and educational exhibits, workshops and science shows, and learn about topics such as physics and mathematics, modern technology and programming, healthy living, man and self-discovery, geography, etc.

At the Science Centre, everyone can play the role of a football player, a shooter, a snowboarder, feel the power of an earthquake, go through a laser maze, learn about different natural processes and our impact on them, draw in virtual reality, find out the speed of reaction, test their knowledge about different objects in Latvia and the world, compete in rowing and more!

The wide range of educational activities is a great added value to a visit to the Science Centre. Students have the opportunity to take part in technically creative workshops, amazing science shows, and choose from audiovisual workshops that can be attended as part of the “Latvian School Bag” programme!

This year, pupils can also take part in creative environmental workshops, where they can work hands-on to raise awareness of important environmental topics. The offer will be particularly relevant for eco-schools, eco-kindergartens and any institution wishing to implement environmental activities. Currently, there is a choice of 8 lesson topics covering forest ecosystems, climate change, waste sorting, the role of medicinal plants in improving health, air power, food storage, the desert and eco-friendly vehicles.

When going on a field trip to VIZIUM, the class receives a 10% discount in the Exhibition Hall, whereas the teacher gets free entry to the Science Centre’s Exhibition Hall!

In addition to the Exhibition Hall, Science Centre VIZIUM offers:

  • Audiovisual workshops within the “Latvian School Bag” programme:
    • Computer graphics workshop.
    • Computer animation workshop.
    • 3D art workshop.
    • Digital photography workshop.
    • Digital video workshop.
    • Digital sound workshop.
    • Digital art workshop.
  • New! Creative environmental workshops:
    • The forest.
    • Climate change.
    • Waste sorting.
    • Medicinal plants.
    • The power of air: Understanding helicopter operations.
    • The hidden world of food.
    • The desert.
    • A more environmentally friendly car.
  • Technical workshops:
    • Advertising printing workshop.
    • Robotics workshop.
    • STEM workshop.
    • Pixel art workshop.
    • Digital sound workshop.
    • Digital art workshop.
    • Computer graphics workshop.
    • Computer animation workshop.
    • 3D art workshop.
    • Digital photography workshop.
    • Digital video workshop.
    • The folk song code.
    • Phone app workshop.
    • 3D model creation and printing.
  • Creative workshops: Edison bulb; Nature sounds; Wind generator.
  • Science shows – the theme of the show changes every 2 months. Currently you can visit the shows “The Art of Experimenting” and “Back to School!”. Classes need to book an individual show time.

Students and teachers can also attend training programmes developed under the project “Establishing an Innovation Centre in Ventspils”. A total of 20 STEM programmes are offered – 16 for students and young people, 4 for educators. The project provides the opportunity to apply for reimbursement of transport costs. The Transport Reimbursement and Application Procedure Regulations can be found HERE.

The event takes place as part of the project Establishment of an Innovation Centre in Ventspils of the Activity Innovation Centres under the programme ‘Science and Education’ of the EEA and Norway Grants for 2014–2021.

It is necessary to apply for the excursion in advance! The excursion must be booked in advance! All the information you need to organise an exciting classroom adventure at the Ventspils Science Centre VIZIUM is available on the website website www.vizium.lv under “Ekskursijas”.

More information available by phone: 66776633, by e-mail: [email protected], VIZIUM social networks (@viziumventspils), as well as on the website www.vizium.lv.

See you at the Science Centre VIZIUM – a place where technology teaches, inspires and delights!

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