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Publish date 09.05.2023

Today, the dressing of 9 flower sculptures in luxurious summer floral costumes has gradually started in Ventspils, informs Ventspils Communal Administration.

The planting of the flower sculptures with summer flowers was started with the first being the Bunny family at the station “Kalns” of the locomotive mazbānītis, and gradually the planting of other flower sculptures, such as the Flower Clock in Lielais Prospekts, the Duck family in the Children’s Town, the Basketball in front of the Olympic Centre, the Bobsledders in Lielais Prospekts, the Ladybirds in the Ostas Street Promenade, the Underwater World in Loču Street and the Ladybird family in front of the Pārventa Library, will take place. The flower sculptures of Ventspils will be decorated with 27,890 summer flower plants, such as begonias, callocephaliums, groundsels, tagetes, iresines and verbenas.

From 15 May, the preparation of the largest flower sculpture in Ventspils “Flower Cow” for the planting of summer flowers will start. Its summer costume will be made up of 8690 flower plants, such as begonias, iresines, lobulararia and groundsels.

Tulips and other bulbs have also started to bloom in Ventspils, delighting residents and visitors alike. As the weather warms up, 110,275 tulips will start to bloom in the city, of which 16,470 will be early tulips, 1,000 early filled tulips, 6,600 late filled tulips and 34,625 triumph tulips, 16,860 Darwin tulips, 11,000 lily tulips, 1,500 multi-headed tulips, 1,050 botanical tulips, 8,400 late tulips, 8,400 Greigii tulips, 1,000 viridiflora tulips and 3,370 parrot tulips. You will be able to enjoy the gorgeous and lush tulip beds and the scent of flowers in Lielais Prospekts, the Big Square and many other places in Ventspils.

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