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Publish date 02.05.2023

In the evening of 19 May residents and visitors of Ventspils will take part in the popular Friday evening walk “On the Way to the Festival”. More than 700 members of various Ventspils creative groups will sing, dance and play in their city before hitting the road to the Song and Dance Festival. Together, let’s experience the festive feeling and get in the mood for the journey to the Festival.



Let’s meet in the following places in the city:

1. Old Town Market Square

18.00-02.00 Concerts by ensembles and orchestras and a night ball

18.30-20.00 Showcase of Ventspils City vocal and instrumental ensembles.

20.00-20.15 Performance of vocal ensemble “Windau” of the German Cultural Society.

20.20-21.00 Concert by wind orchestra “Ventspils”.

21.00-21.20 Ensemble “Tatjanas diena” will perform the repertoire of the Song Festival.

21.30-22.00 The first concert of the year of collective “Ventspils džeza nonets”.

22.00-23.00 Senior and Junior Big Bands will join together for a programme in the mood of the ball.

23.00-01.00 Musician Edvards Grieze and his band will continue the ball with Latvian pop songs.

01.00-02.00 Night disco time with DJ Jānis K.

Workshops of artisans and artists and markets until 22.00, Ventspils Library workshops for children

2. House of Crafts

18.00-21.00 Exhibitions on Values

Artisans both in exhibitions and in conversations – exhibition “WE” of folk applied art studios “Drellītis” and “Vīkale”, exhibition of folk costumes, singing of the song ensemble “Ventiņ”.

3. Town Hall Square and Annas Street Courtyard

18.00-24.00 ON THE WAY – performance with domestic elements in Town Hall Square

19.00-21.00 Mixed choir “Kaiva” will share everyday scenes and stories about being on the road in the festival bus. Ventspils photo club “Kaktuss” will be waiting for you at the Photo Stop.

19.00-24.00 ON ONE PATH – conversation club in the courtyard of Annas Street with accompaniment

19.00-21.00 The club will be hosted by traveller and author of several books Zane Eniņa. Conversations will take place with the organisers, chief directors and chief conductors of the Big Festival, the most experienced and the youngest participants from Ventspils.

21.00-21.40 Belarusian song ensemble “Zhuravinka” and Ukrainian song ensemble “Mriya” will perform.

21.40-23.00 Concert by actress and folklorist Zane Jančevska.

23.00-24.00 The new film by Emīls Alps “Koris. Diriģents. Kamēr…” (Choir. Conductor. While…”).

4. House of Youth


challenge track With an educational touch on Latvian traditions and the Song Festival.

5. Artisan Square

19.00- 21.00 WE’RE ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!theatre and folk songs

Women’s choir “Venda”, vocal ensemble “Mundus”, Ventspils Men’s Choir Group, as well as actors from Ventspils Theatre will share the century and a half long journey to, through and beyond the Song Festival with a hearty laugh and a smile about themselves.

6. Kuldīgas Street

19.00-21.00 Various festive activities

Women’s choir “Lība” and ensemble “Vēju stundā” will march through the city in an impromptu and songful procession.

7. Mill square

18.00-21.00 AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PATH – small festival stop

Folk songs and dances together with children’s dance collective “Dore’’ from Tārgale Primary School, children’s dance collective “Vāruvīte” from Zūri Primary School, vocal ensemble “Rondo” from Centre Primary School, collectives from Ventspils Creative House – folk dance collective “Vilnītis”, Skaņskatu Art Studio, vocal studio “Ķipari un Pipari” and solo class singers. A contemporary touch will be brought by a concert programme of pop studio “Jūras akmentiņi” and contemporary dance of dance studio “Prieks”.

Creative workshops at Ventspils Creative House. With the Ventspils Tourism Information Centre’s little karaoke you will be able to earn Ventspils money Venti. In addition, we will try something new with the students and teachers of Ventspils Art School.

During the evening, visitors will also be welcomed in the Green House Courtyard.

At. 20.00 performance by guitarist Edgars Rubenis, and a yard sale of various items and trinkets. DJ’s musical performances until 02.00. 02.00.

8.New Town Square

18.00-19.00 THE PATH TO THE SONG FESTIVALCelebration with Swedbank

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Song Festival, a unique rhododendron plant will be planted and there will be an opportunity to mark your birthplace on the Great Song Festival Wall.

18.00-21.00 SONGS UNITE – gathering

We will be together with senior choir “Ziemeļzvaigzne” and senior women’s vocal ensemble “Vēju stundā”.

9. Concert Hall “Latvija” Amphitheatre and the Big Square

18.00 – 23.30 BEING TOGETHER. FEELING TOGETHER – grand choir and dancers

18.00-23.00 Ticket sales promotion “Cafe a Cappella” at the Big Square in front of Concert Hall “Latvija”.

19.00-22.00 Ventspils Music Library workshops for children.

19.00-20.00 Ventspils folk dance collective grand concert “The Path of Dance”.

20.00-21.00 Saldus Municipality Kalni Culture House Chapel “Spēlmaņi” with the programme “Tik jautrus ļaudis mīlēju, kas dziesmas prot, tos sveicinu!” (I love cheerful people who know songs, I greet them!)

21.10-21.50 Ventspils Song and Dance Festival collective grand concert, flag ceremony and handing over of the bread for the road to the participants.

21.50- 23.30 Concert of Katrīna Dimanta and the band “Zeltrači” with dancing for the participants and their friends.

10.Ventspils Baptist church

22.00-23.15 THE SPIRIT OF LIFE – spiritual music concert

Vocal ensemble “Mundus”, Ventspils Vocal Band, Ventspils Music Secondary School choir “Nošu planētas” and percussionists, Kuldīga Culture Centre vocal ensemble “Trifeles” and Ventspils Baptist Church choir. The concert will feature sacred music by Ēriks Ešenvalds, Kaspars Zemītis, Ārijs Šķepasts, Valdis Zilvers, Kaspars Kurdeko and Leo Delībs.

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