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It’s just a short time before the summer break and you can still gain new knowledge and bright emotions in Ventspils! Groups of schoolchildren from all over Latvia are invited to enjoy an exciting excursion. No one will be bored here!


In addition to visiting historical exhibitions, Ventspils Museum departments also offer various types of creative workshops and museum pedagogical programmes for schoolchildren in cooperation with the Latvian School Bag project. Visit by prior appointment only.

Livonian Order Castle:

  • Medieval times in the Castle
  • NEW! The best gift for a bride! Distaffs
  • NEW! Cinema in Ventspils
  • The many types of skirts
  • CV of ancient musical instruments
  • NEW! Bird of the Year 2023’. The Nightingale

Livonian Order Castle, Jāņa iela 17, T.: +371 63626288, muzejs.ventspils.lv

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Seaside Open Air Museum:

  • Lost and found in the Museum
  • Annual celebrations Easter, Midsummer

Seaside Open Air Museum, Riņķa iela 2, T.: +371 63624467, muzejs.ventspils.lv .

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House of Crafts:

  • The legend of the golden brooch
  • A craft – the golden foundation of life
  • Talking national costume

House of Crafts, Skolas iela 3, T.: +371 63620174, muzejs.ventspils.lv

In all Museum departments, the fee per group is EUR 15 for one class + entrance fee (to be clarified in the Museum departments). Free entry for teachers. Classes are for groups of up to 25 participants.

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The Science Centre features educational interactive exhibition halls, more than 80 interactive exhibits divided into seven different galleries: Smart Technology Gallery, Simulators, Geography and World Gallery, Human and Self-Perception Gallery, Physics and Mathematics Gallery, Children’s Gallery and also Healthy Lifestyle Gallery.

10% discount for visiting the exhibition hall for a group + free entry for the teacher! In addition, the Science Centre offers:

  • Science shows;
  • Technical workshops;
  • Audiovisual workshops as part of the Latvian School Bag project;
  • Workshops.

Prior booking required!

Science Centre “VIZIUM”, Rūpniecības iela 2, vizium.lv, facebook.com/viziumventspils

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The Creative House offers exciting Planetarium star shows and 360-degree films about nature, the Universe and the planets. The Observatory offers a high-quality telescope for viewing the Sun during the day in clear weather and the Moon in the evenings.

The Planetarium can accommodate groups of up to 42 people per show. New excursions/classes for schoolchildren groups can be found here: jaunradesnams.lv.

Ventspils Creative House, Maiznieku iela 11, T: +37163622805, jaunradesnams.lv

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In the Class of Future!

In the Class of Future, school subjects can be learned using digital games, interactive apps and hands-on activities.

A programme in STEM subjects is available on request:

  • physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, design and technology, and other subjects;
  • Number of people in a group: 5-30;
  • Class duration (1-3h).

Advertising print workshop in the Class of Future

  • Explore the Class of Future and create your own personal digital design using its technology!
  • Print on a product. Print your newly created design on a product using the sublimation method!
  • Target audience: young people in grades 7 to 12.

Ventspils High-Tech Park 1, T: +371 22307039, nakotnesklase.lv

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Water Amusement Park for pupils from EUR 4.80:

  • artificial wave pool;
  • warm pool with water cascade and massage jets;
  • slides, a mountain river and other attractions.

For a person accompanying a group (for every 10 pupils), the visit is free! Advance booking required!

Advance booking required!

Water Amusement Park, Lauku iela 5, T.: +371 25636777, www.udensparks.lv

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The Adventure Park offers:

  • entertainment in around 20 different attractions,
  • an adrenaline rush on the Cat Trail,
  • the vigour and excitement of paintball.

For a person accompanying a group (for every 10 pupils), the visit is free! Advance booking required!

Advance booking required!

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The Ventspils toboggan track will give you indescribable sensations!

Last year construction of an all-season toboggan track was commenced in the Adventure Park and Ski Hill “Lemberga hūte”. The track will be open to visitors 2023. in summer 2023:

  • The total length of the track is 800 m
  • A breathtaking 580 metre ride
  • 26 toboggans
  • Maximum speed – 40 km per hour Adventure Park, Saules iela 141, T.: 28611333, www.piedzivojumuparks.lv
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The ice rink of the Ice Hall offers:

  • ice rink and skate rental.

The public ice rink is open at certain times. See timetable – www.ocventspils.lv.

Advance booking required!

Ice Hall, Sporta iela 7/9, T.: +371 63621998, www.ocventspils.lv.

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A favourite pastime is a ride with the narrow-gauge railway steam locomotive Mazbānītis, which offers two routes: The Circle Line – 1.4 km (for a short ride in the Seaside Park area) and the Hill Line – 3 km, leading from the Seaside Open Air Museum to the Adventure Park.

Open from 4 May.

Seaside Open Air Museum,

Riņķa iela 2, T.: +371 63624467, muzejs.ventspils.lv

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From May to October, you can explore the diversity of Ventspils on a 45-minute boat trip, exploring the Venta River estuary, Ostas Street promenade, Livonian Order Castle, Old Town, the only drawbridge in Latvia and the Freeport’s industrial area; “Hercogs Jēkabs” takes you all the way to the sea gates.

Will operate from May 10.

The pier of the excursion boat “Hercogs Jēkabs”, monument to Sailors and Fishermen; T: +371 26353344.

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Within a 40-minute drive with the Ventspils excursion train, you can see Ventspils’ most famous landmarks – the Big Square with the Concert Hall “Latvija”, the most popular tourist and entertainment attractions, historic buildings, and the City’s magnificent parks and squares. Open from 1 May. (By prior appointment only).

T.: +371 29262976; ventspilstrain.lv

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The Promenade of the South Pier is a popular place for strolling all year round, to watch sunsets and strong gusts of wind. On the way to the lighthouse you can see the 4 m high Sailor Cow sculpture, the fishing boats “Azova” and “Grots”, as well as the giant Chair. From the 12-metre-high watchtower, you can watch ships entering the port.

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The Promenade of Ostas Street offers a wonderful view of the Venta, the sea gate, the old port workshops, the impressive collection of buoys, the exhibited pilot boat “Rota” and a new environmental object with a historical testimony – the propeller “Human Power”, found 22 m deep in the sea.

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Fire Correction Tower of the Ventspils 46th Coastal Defence Battery – one of the few remaining coastal defence structures in Latvia and the Baltics. Visitors can see inside the Tower and learn about its history, as well as enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding forests and the Baltic Sea from its viewing platform. The history of the Tower is linked to the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, under which Nazi Germany and the USSR signed a mutual non-aggression treaty in 1939 and began building Soviet military bases in Latvia, including in Ventspils. Free entry (opening hours 9.00-20.00).

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Children of all ages can have fun at the Children’s Town and the Children’s Park “Fantāzija”. Entrance to both parks is free.

Children’s Town,

Lielais prospekts/ J.Poruka iela

Children’s Park“Fantāzija”,

Talsu iela/ Celtnieku iela

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The Reņķa Garden is located close to the city centre and features environmental objects for children: fairytale characters, pet sculptures, play equipment “Grasshopper” and “Ladybug” and swings.

Reņķa Garden, Sporta iela/ Kuldīgas iela, Ventspils

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For those who decide to stay in Ventspils for more than one day, there is an opportunity to stay in the hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”.

Lielais prospekts 33, T.: +371 203 28279, hotelocventspils.lv

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Register and earn Ventus www.visitventspils.com and get a discount on various tourist attractions. Earned virtual Ventus is received at Ventu bank or branch:

Ventspils Tourism Information Centre, Dārzu iela 6, T.: + 371 63622263; +371 29232226

Hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, Lielais prospekts 33,

T: +371 6362832

We look forward to your class visit!

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