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Stian Westerhus to perform in Ventspils
Lielais laukums 1, Ventspils

On 2 October, the Norwegian guitarist and musician Stian Westerhus will give his only concert in Latvia as part of the series of contemporary music sessions “Ma” at the Concert Hall “Latvija”.

It is no exaggeration to call Stian Westerhus one of the most remarkable and active phenomena, elements even, not only in Norwegian but also in Nordic guitar music, including jazz in general, as evidenced not only by the communication with him, where one day he is on one side of the world and the next day – on another, but also by the long list of collectives and projects in which he actively takes part. Many listeners in Latvia know and remember him as a musician of Jaga Jazzist, Supersilent, and Motorpsycho, as well as a long-time collaborator of the trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær. Currently, Stian forms part of the Norwegian band Ulver. Given his unique approach to the mediums of six strings, mediators, effects, and amplification, and expertise gained at Middlesex University in London and Trondheim Conservatoire of Music, Westerhus’ works are occasionally commissioned by the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia, and others. Although he has never underestimated their importance, he has received several important professional awards, e.g., the BBC Jazz Innovation Award in 2008. Furthermore, he has been nominated for and received the so-called “Norwegian Grammy” or ‘Spellmannprisen’ several times.

Two years ago, Stian Westerhus released his latest solo album “Redundance” under the label House of Mythology. Compared to the previous album “Amputation”, this might seem like the calm after the storm. That is not to say it is any less vital or engaged. On the contrary, Stian’s vocals are more upfront than ever – naked and raw, while the instrumentation serves the songs rather than threatening to overwhelm them.

Stian Westerhus once described the compositions he creates and performs alone, saying: “It’s music I’ve dropped to the floor repeatedly, maybe even on purpose. It’s music in a cracked mirror portraying the time it was created.” He is not hesitant to talk about deeply personal experiences in his lyrics, singing “Swallowed my pride just to keep us alive, but never ever again,”

According to a  music reviewer, Westerhus shares the same singularity of commitment to boundary-pushing in his music, visionary firmness, and talent for ear-wormery as artists such as Nick Cave, Scott Walker, and David Bowie, adding that it does not feel hyperbolic to include him in such exalted company. Indeed, it is hard to disagree with him.

Tickets for the concert of Stian Westerhus on 2 October at the Concert Hall “Latvija” in Ventspils are available in the “Biļešu Paradīze” sales network. The first 30 tickets are available for a special price – EUR 12.00.

“Ma” is a series of contemporary music sessions that brings together foreign and Latvian musicians and composers across different genres in Ventspils. So far, concerts have been given by the Czech violinist Iva Bittová, the Australian percussionist Jim White, the Greek lute master George Xylouris, otherwise known as the duo Xylouris White, the Australian pianist and composer Luke Howard, the pianist Nik Baertsch, the cellist Clarice Jensen and the wind instrumentalist Lea Bertucci from the USA, Daniel Brandt with the band “Eternal Something” from Germany, the cellist and sound artist Oliver Coates, the New York based percussionist and sound artist Eli Keszler, the German cellist Anne Müller, the Finnish composer Tatu Rönkkö, as well as the director and composer Vladislav Nastavshev.


Stian Westerhus album “Redundance”:

Stian Westerhus at “TEDx Talks” in Oslo:

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