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Travellers are so diverse, but so is Ventspils
Tuesday, 13. July — Saturday, 31. July. Ventspils

Alone or accompanied by the family, by car or on feet, with a suitcase or just a backpack over the shoulder – the travellers are so diverse, but so is Ventspils and the opportunities it offers. Whether discovering new places, learning different cultures and visiting a museum or enjoying sports and active leisure, spending the time with family or simply taking a break from the daily routine – each journey has a purpose. The Tourism Information Centre (TIC) of Ventspils has prepared a summary of recreational and leisure activities for everyone.

For those who enjoy taking a walk

Ventspils is a city where a simple walk through the city streets may turn into a tour. Whether a city park or square, you can see bright flowers, various fountains and sculptures at every turn.

Feel the breeze of a seaside city, taking a walk on the promenade of the street Ostas iela, where you can see the Castle of the Livonian Order, the tour boat “Hercogs Jēkabs”, a monument dedicated to K. Valdemārs and other beautiful sights. The promenade of the street Ostas iela is a great place for romantic walks. Moreover, it reveals a breath-taking view of the river Venta, the sea gate, the historic harbour warehouses, the impressive collection of buoys and the exhibited pilot boat “Rota”.  

If you enjoy walks in nature and picknicks, the well-maintained and fully equipped Seaside Park will be the right place for that. Two special trails wind their way through the park – the Anchor Trail and the Jungle Trail, appreciated especially by children.

When taking a stroll through the Old Town of Ventspils, you will discover the St. Nicholas Evangelical Lutheran Church on the town square and a carillon clock on the market square nearby, which plays the melody of the popular Latvian song “By the Amber Sea” every hour.

Those who enjoy longer walks, will definitely appreciate the Būšnieki Lake Nature Trail, equipped with a foot-bridge and a bird watching platform. The trail with a total length of 8 km winds its way around the lake. On the way, you can see the new wooden fish sculptures or access to the bird watching platforms through the foot-bridge. 10 fitness devices are set up along the trail, if you wish to burn some more energy. Furthermore, you can take a swim or organize a picknick.

For those who enjoy museums and history

The Ventspils Museum offers a wide range of opportunities to learn more about the history and culture of the city of Ventspils. The Castle of the Livonian Order, which is the oldest building in the city, is open for visitors. There is an exposition dedicated to the history of the city and region of Ventspils set up in the Castle. Furthermore, exhibitions of art and history take place there on a regular basis.

The Seaside Open-Air Museum allows one to get a quick glimpse of the daily life of fishermen in the Northern part of the Kurzeme Region. Here you will be able to see the historic residential buildings, smokehouses, the windmill and the narrow-gauge locomotive “Mazbānītis”.

The House of Crafts, on the other hand, offers the visitors a unique opportunity to see a classroom of the 19th century and put themselves into the shoes of the pupils, having a school lesson according to the ancient traditions. There is also a photography, weaving and pottery workshop, as well as a souvenir shop in the House of Crafts.

The Herberts Dorbe Museum is a memorial to the local writer Herberts Dorbe. His native house is called “Senču putekļi”, as it holds a collection of ethnographic objects collected by the writer over the years.

Recently, a new sightseeing object was opened in the street Saulrieta iela. It is a fire control tower considered military heritage. The visitors will be able to look inside the tower and learn more about its history. Furthermore, they will be able to step onto the platform which reveals an impressive view of the surrounding woods and the Baltic Sea.

For those who enjoy active leisure

Ventspils has something to offer to both sports enthusiasts and those seeking for something more extreme. The cyclists will be the ones who will benefit the most, as cyclist paths with a total length of 60 km wind their way through the city of Ventspils. The Adventure Park of Ventspils, located at the foot of the hill “Lemberga hūte”, on the other hand, offers a wide range of activities, including the rope trail “Cat’s Trail”, the slingshot, a track for sliding on inner tubes, the crazy rotor, trampoline boats and other attractions. In the winter, the hill is open for skiers and snowboarders.

There is a Wakeboarding Park right next to the Adventure Park, where you can learn and perform various tricks on water. Entertainment is guaranteed for everyone, even the fellow travellers, as apart of wakeboarding, there is also a picknick area, a volleyball court with beach sand and a basketball field with a backboard in the park.

Those who wish to experience something more extreme, will definitely enjoy the BMX track, located within the area of the Adventure Park, as well as the skatepark of Ventspils and the rock-climbing wall in the Sports House “Centre”.

For families with children

Ventspils is a great travel destination if you travel with your children. There are two children’s parks in Ventspils – the Children’s Town and the Children’s Park “Fantāzija” in the city district Pārventa, equipped with various playground structures for children and young people of all ages. The entrance in both parks is free of charge. Furthermore, a total of 37 playgrounds are set up in different parts of Ventspils.

Families with children should definitely visit the aforementioned Adventure Park, where the children will definitely enjoy the bumper boats and bumper cars, an excavator and the driving school for children.

A visit to the planetarium and observatory of the Ventspils Creativity House will be a wonderful surprise for the children. In the planetarium, you can watch exciting shows of stars and 360-degree movies on the nature, universe and planets. In the observatory, on the other hand, you will be able to observe the sun, planets, double stars and the nebula through a high-quality telescope.

If you really want to burn some energy, the Jungle Trail with a total length of 380 m, located in the Seaside Park, will be the right place, where you can climb and crawl like in the real jungle. There are several foot-bridges, suspended brides, a small tower and a track you can use.

However, if you are looking for fun, active leisure and water pleasures, the Beach Waterpark is the place to be! There are several pools, towers with different slides and even a special pool for toddlers with attractions.

Getting to know the city of Ventspils in three different ways

During the summer season, a narrow-gauge locomotive called “Mazbānītis” runs through the Seaside Park. Worth mentioning is the fact that you can choose between the Circle Line with a total length of 1.4 km and the Hill Line with a total length of 3 km, with a turntable at both ends. You can also take a tour through the city streets in the tour train called “Ventspils Train” or get to know the city on the deck of the tour boat “Hercogs Jēkabs”, which will bring you to the sea gate.

For leisure

Travellers who associate leisure with laying in the sun and having a nice drink, will definitely enjoy their vacation in Ventspils. Enjoy a peaceful moment in the nature, by the sea or a lake or in the woods. The sandy, wide, clean shoreline of the Blue Flag Beach is a great place to get a nice tan and take your mind off of things, walking by the sea. The beach is set up to your maximum comfort and equipped with changing cabins, showers, two cafés and even a beach lounger rental.

The Staldzene Beach, on the other hand, fascinates with the charm of its steep coast, which will most definitely allure all those who enjoy beautiful and wild nature. Every evening, you can capture countless ranges of colours of the sky, combined with the power of the shore and the sea.


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