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The Concert Hall “Latvija” will celebrate its 2nd anniversary
Friday, 2. July — Monday, 26. July. Lielais laukums 1, Ventspils

On Saturday, 24 July 2021, a special celebration called “The Second”, marking the 2nd anniversary of the Concert Hall “Latvija”, will take place in Ventspils, accompanied by various notable events.

The main event “The Second” will be a performance called “Apollo. M(use) Direction” consisting of two parts and providing the visitors unforgettable musical and artistic experience. In the first part, the visitors are invited to visit a sort of outdoor portrait gallery, located on the square Lielais laukums, to meet again or for the first time, as the case may be, the heroes present in the initiatives implemented by the Concert Hall over the recent months. Each guest or casual passer-by will be able to have a better look at the close-ups of the actor Gundars Āboliņš, the musicians Magdalēna Geka, Ieva Saliete, Ieva Parša, Arvīds Kazlauskis and the vocal band “Putni”, remembering them in the unusual contexts, dictated by the era, as performance rooms, inspired by the writers Samuel Beckett and Aldous Huxley, were set up in the Concert Hall “Latvija” in the last winter and spring, and world events were paraphrased, placing a container called “Evergreen” to block the entrance of the Concert Hall.

In the second part, the visitors are invited to experience the ballet “Apollo” by Igor Stravinsky, which is a reimagined performance with a score for an ensemble by the composer Platon Buravicky and choreography of contemporary dance created by Agate Bankava, in an area designed by the artist Kristians Brekte. During the performance, which is to take place in the Great Hall, the score will be interpreted by the pianist Francis Gaiļus, the oboist Renāte Lodziņa and the guitarist Matīss Čudars, complemented with the outstanding dance of Rūdolfs Gediņš (as Apollo), Rūta Pūce (as Calliope), Ramona Levane (as Polyhymnia) and Edvards Kurmiņš (as Terpsichore).

According to the choreographer Agate Bankava on the upcoming event on 24 July 2021: “Our collaboration is a new view of Stravinsky’s expectations in a new era and from a new point of view. Both the performers and, to a certain extent, the audience will succumb to the interaction between the physicality of the body and the music and evidence the power of muses, which represents the seeking of stability in today’s unsteady world.”

“One of the versions of the original name of the ballet, awkwardly translated from many languages, could be something like “Apollo, the Leader of Muses”. Reconsidering this performance in terms of music, movement and space and trying to squeeze the today’s world into a tiny nut shell, which, in this case, is this newly created work, we came up with a somewhat cunning wordplay. “Use” or “muse” direction may refer to the order, characteristic to the 21st century, without any gods and leaders, just like the newly introduced barbarism “(m)use” – a “direction” chosen by the creative team to discuss all the timeless of today”, adds Miks Magone, the artistic director of the Concert Hall “Latvija”.

At the end of the evening, the visitors will be able to enjoy the trio concert of the outstanding Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær, held on the open-air stage of the Concert Hall, but before that – the performance of the duet formed by the drummer Ivars Arutjunjans and the saxophonist Kārlis Auziņš.

The anniversary celebration events will take place on the square Lielais laukums and the open-air stage, and the entrance is free of charge.

The tickets to the performance “Apollo. (M)use Direction”, part II, to be held in the Great Hall of the Concert Hall, are available as of 2 July 2021 at the box offices of “Biļešu Paradīze”. The number of tickets is limited.

ATTENTION! The event “The Second”, which is to take place both indoors and outdoors, is open for mixed audience, i.e., visitors who have been vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19 or taken a Covid-19 test before the event, presenting the respective digital certificate.

Two types of tickets to the performance “Apollo. (M)use Direction”, Part II, to be held in the Great Hall of the Concert Hall, are available:

-            Stall seats for mixed audience (including children under the age of 12), subject to the applicable restrictions during the event (keeping a distance, wearing a mask, etc.).

-            Balcony seats only for persons who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19, at a separate entrance from the street Pāvila iela, presenting the respective digital certificate.

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