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Summer for Families in Ventspils!
Wednesday, 10. June — Sunday, 30. August. VENTSPILS

As the summer begins, Ventspils invites you to visit the city on its 730th anniversary!

In this anniversary year, we invite you to visit the brand new extension of the Promenade of Ostas Street in Ventspils, with an impressive buoy exposition, lighthouse of love, exhibited pilot ship "Rota" and amazing heritage – the Port's old workshops, which currently can only be viewed from the outside, but give the place a special scenic charm.

Ventspils is a particularly friendly city for families – for children's fun and play, the city has two children's towns and 36 playgrounds, especially well-suited infrastructure for families, where babies are still carried in prams, in the city almost all sidewalk exits are at level 0 with street pavement.

It is easy and convenient to see Ventspils by riding a bicycle, the length of the bicycle lanes in the city already reaches 60 km!

For activities and spending time indoors, the Castle of the Livonian Order, House of Crafts, science and technology museum “Kurzeme Demo Centre” are open. The favourite steam engine “Mazbānītis” runs from the Seaside Open-Air Museum, while from June 10, the boat “Hercogs Jēkabs” will resume excursions along the river Venta.

The top 1 for outdoor recreation is the Blue Flag Beach! In Ventspils it is possible to get to the sea via 10 different entrances or footbridges to the sea. The popular Southern Pier Promenade invites you to take a walk, where you can see the exhibited ships “Azova” and “Grots”, a watchtower with a panoramic view of the sea gate.

Jūrmala Park with the Anchor Trail is very popular for recreation in a beautiful environment, for active recreation of children in the territory of the park there is the Jungle Trail. Next to Jūrmala Park, walking along the 5th footbridge to the sea, at the top of the dune is a beautiful environmental object – the outline of Latvia.

Ventspils is a very green, blooming and neat city, so when walking around the city, everyone will be delighted by the flower sculptures and fountains, which are already 10 in Ventspils – the newest is the fountain “Umbrella”, but the most impressive, next to the concert hall ”Latvia” is fountain “Frigate “Wallfisch” (“Whale”)”. The magic of the Great Square is fully revealed during the summer night hours, when all the lights of the square are turned on. 

For 18 years now, an integral feature of Ventspils has been Ventspils cows, there are 27 of them, city guests, especially families with children, love to look at them.

The little ones will definitely enjoy a visit to the mini zoo "Buki" near the city, where you can see various animals – camels, llamas, ostriches, exotic birds and various traditional farm animals.

True nature lovers should go to the Būšnieki Lake nature trail, in the swampy part of the lake there is a footbridge with a bird-watching platform at the end, here is also the famous Būšnieki Lake boat base, which is very popular among anglers. On the other hand, near Lake Būšnieki, it is possible to enjoy a completely different view of the sea – here you can relax on the wide Staldzene Steep Coast.

Nature trail enthusiasts in Ventspils region are invited to go on a trail to the Usma Elkrags nature trail, the Rīva circle trail near Jūrkalne, which leads along the river Rīva and the Vasenieki bog trail in Puze parish.

Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre in Irbene, which will resume work on June 10, is a popular and interesting tourist attraction.

Užava and Oviši lighthouses are open to visitors.

If you want to go on a boat trip along one of the rivers near Ventspils, information about boat rental and other activities on the water, as well as information on where to eat, spend the night and what to visit is available at


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