Opening of the photo exhibition “Herbarium” by Jekaterina Karpova

From October 7 to November 7, the HERBARIUM exhibition by photo artist Yekaterina Karpova will be on display at the Parventa library.

A herbarium (Latin: herbarium) is a collection of specially collected, dried and documented plants. Usually, the plants are compressed while drying and after drying they are attached to dense sheets of paper. [..] The herbarium document is unique and authentic, you can go back to it and check the correctness of the conclusions made earlier. [citāts no Vikipēdijas raksta]

HERBARIUM is a series of works in which the artist addresses the theme of memories in the form of her characteristic photo narrative. The series was created over several years, when at various stages of life, long walks along the sea have become a routine or, in a sense, a ritual, which could be called a process of sinking thoughts and memories.

“Like building a herbarium, our mind selects, compresses to a thin transparent layer and stores the various moments of our life, to bring them to light at some point. The photos do not show the classic herbarium, but my personal interpretation of it. My herbarium consists of what the sea gives back to the shore – as it usually is on the coast,” –   the artist describes the exhibition.

The works presented in the exhibition are one small part of the series – one separate sterile section of the marine herbarium, which, like our memories, is constantly replenished with new specimens.

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