October 17 at 14.00 Students of the Faculty of Translation of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences and other interested parties will have the opportunity to participate in a conversation with translator Anna Šefer. Anna Šefer has obtained a professional bachelor’s degree in tourism and tourism management at the University of Liepāja, as well as a Master’s degree in writing studies, and also completed the professional master’s study program “Lietišķi” at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences translation of texts”. The Kārļis Dziļlejas Foundation received recognition for his master’s thesis “The impact of censorship on the translation of J.D. Salingzer’s “Uz kraujas ruzu laukā” into Latvian”.

Anna Šefere has collaborated with “SDI Latvia”, “Deluxe Entertainment”, “Pixelogic”, “Jumava”, “Aminori”, “Skrivanek” and has translated the film language into EN-LV, as well as worked with subtitling and editing. She has translated a cookbook, children’s books and detective stories, and was also a proofreader for Federico Fellini’s “Making a Film” and Woody Allen’s “Featherless” books published by “Aminori”. Translated films for “Arsenāls” forum, Baltic documentary film forum. In parallel with translation and proofreading, Anna is also the co-owner of the family company “Sofijas laivas”. The company is engaged in renting boats on the rivers of Southern Kurzeme, organizes events (“Bārtas kartupelis”, “Revolt at the horse and taura”), manages the association “Bārtas upes creative association” (rowing school, dawn concert on the Bārtas river “Ausma”) and is an active resident of Bernati , publishing the magazine “Bernāti” together with associates.

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