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Sea Festival “Wind in Sails”
Friday, 22. June — Sunday, 15. July.

From 14 to 15 July the traditional Sea Festival will take place in Ventspils. This year’s motto of the celebration will be – “Wind in Sails”.

The main celebration will take place on 14 July with various entertainment activities for visitors.

From 8:00 to 17:00, “Sea Festival Fair” will take place in the Old Town Market Square. During the Sea Festival from 10:00 to 16:00, guests will also be welcome at the Ventspils libraries – in the Main Library the exhibition of the paintings “Amber Coast” by Jānis Jēkabsons, while in the Parventa Library you will see the exhibition “The Sea” whose author is Roberts Muzis.

Sports activities also will enrich the Festival. From 10:00, Ventspils Open Sea Cup and Ventspils City Open Beach Volleyball Championship will take place at Ventspils Beach Volleyball Stadium. From 12:30, Ventspils Freeport Sailing Cup will commence in the Venta River Basin.

From 12:00 to 14:00, everyone will be invited to visit the Burinieks Workshop at the Ventspils Museum in the Livonian Order Castle. You will be able to make your own sailing ship – nail it together, paint it and give it a name, and celebrate the wedding of the ship! Workshops for wind bells, pine bark boats and cork floaters will be open besides other activities.

In the area near the Main Library from 12:00 to 14:00, the little Sea Festival celebrants are invited to visit the "Treasure Chest of the Mother of the Sea", with a workshop "Fun Sailors", paper boat making and floating, as well as workshops “Goldfish” and “Pirate Masks”.

At 13:00, Ilona Balode-Ūdre and friends will perform in the square next to the Main Library with a musical programme “Under the Sea Winds”.

From 13:00 to 15:00, everyone will be welcome at the House of Crafts’ “The Big Catch from the Market” with grilled fish, musical performances and macramé workshops.

From 17:00, Parventa Children's Park “Fantasy” will host a concert given by the Associations of National Cultural Societies.

Programme at the Promenade of Ostas Street

At 11:00, a commemoration moment will be held at the monument “For Seamen and Fishermen Whose Grave is in the Depth of the Sea”. The pupils of the solo singing and ensemble class – Paula Mihailova, Ketrīna Grīga, Ance Dreimane – taught by the singing teacher and the head of the vocal department of the Ventspils Secondary School of Music Gatis Poriņš will participate in the event.

From 11:00 to 17:00, the central stage of the Festival will become the “Harbour of all Winds”. Here at 12:00 we will welcome Neptune and his flying entourage. At the same time, a ship parade and viewing will be taking place.

Afterwards, “Marhils un draugi”, and the legendary group "OPUS PRO" will perform with a diverse concert programme, as well as “Brāļi Auzāni" will invite the celebrants to joyful dances. The Festival will be hosted by actress Indra Burkovska. During breaks, dance group “Liedags” will present dance performances from the play “The Children of Captain Grant”.

From 12:30 to 16:30, the little celebrants of the Sea Festival we will be welcome at the “Children’s island” in the square next to the police station. A lot of fun and creative workshops will be waiting together with bright animation characters, as well as inflatable attractions.

In the square next to Kurpnieku Street from 12:30 to 17:00, “Wind and Earth Guards” will be open, offering everyone to visit the recruiting tent of the National Guard`s 46th Infantry Battalion, as well as different entertainment activities for children.

With the slogan – “With the Youth in the Wind” from 13:00 to 17:00, various entertainment activities for the youth will be held next to the Traveller Cow. Among the artists there will be such groups as “Carnival Youth” and “Rahu the Fool”, as well as “Green trial” will perform extreme sports demonstrations.

From 21:00 to 04:00, we invite everyone to the Sea Festival evening programme on the Promenade of Ostas Street, at the central festival stage. Here at 21:00, the ball will be introduced by “Jersikas orķestris” together with Auzāni brothers. At 23:00, you will be able to watch “The Story of the Night Ships on the Water”. The ball will continue at 23:30 with “Jersikas orķestris”, “Brāļi Auzāni”, “Bermudu Divstūris”, DJ Magnus Eriņš and DJ Toms Grēviņš. This year Neptune holds the ball free of charge for the visitors of the Sea Festival!

On July 15, celebrations will continue in the Little Sea Festival.

At 12:00, at Children's Town – a holiday programme for children. A fun play programme with children's favourite animated film characters from the “Paw Patrol”, as well as bubble performance.

From 13:00 to 16:00, the Seaside Open Air Museum will host the “The Little Sea Seaside Festival”. Latvian popular songs (ziņģes) and a folk dance group with beautiful dances, fish catching with landing net, identifying fishing gear and boot throwing. The Smiltiņš family’s dish – fish soup with horseradish.

At 15:00, in Children's Park "Fantasy" – holiday programme for children. A fun play programme with children's favourite animated film characters from the "Paw Patrol", as well as bubble salute.

See you at the Sea Festival!

The organizer of the celebrations is the Ventspils City Council Culture Centre, supported by Ventspils Municipality
Festival’s General Sponsor: Freeport of Ventspils Authority
Sponsor: Corporation BMGS
Supporters: Ltd. “VK Tranzīts”, Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd., Eurohome Latvija Ltd.
Ltd. BIO - Venta"
Cooperation partners:  Ventplac Ltd., Ltd. “ZAKSI”, Venden Ltd., Ltd. “Storent”, Ltd.“Hercoga druka”.

Photos and videos can be published on the Ventspils City Municipality portal and on the website of the Ventspils Culture Centre, as well as on the accounts of the municipality on the social network,, and

You have the right to request not to use or delete, if technically possible, the aforementioned materials with your personal data.

Controller: Ventspils City Council, 36 Jūras Street, Ventspils, LV-3601, e-mail:

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