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Publish date 17.02.2023

Ventspils Communal Administration has successfully signed a construction contract with the construction company SIA “Warss+” for the continuation of Phase 2 of the construction of the Seaside Open Air Museum multifunctional building at 2 Riņķa Street, Ventspils. Following the termination of the original contract with SIA “Ostas celtnieks”, a new public procurement procedure was launched and successfully concluded with the construction company SIA “Warss+”.

Following the signing of the construction contract, preparatory works have started in order to resume the construction of Phase 2 of the Seaside Open Air Museum multifunctional building within the next 2 weeks. In Phase 1, the load-bearing structures of the building were partially constructed, while in Phase 2, SIA “Warss+” will complete the reinforced concrete structure and the interior and facade finishing works, as well as the landscaping works. The deadline for completion of the construction work is December 2023.

The new museum building will house a new permanent exhibition “By the Sea and in the Lands: Traditional Lifestyle of Northern Kurzeme in the 19th-20th Centuries”, which is being developed by the Ventspils Museum in cooperation with SIA “Dd Studio”, who have developed the artistic concept for the exhibition and will implement it.

The commissioning authority for the new museum building is the Ventspils Museum, the performer of the commissioning authority’s functions – Ventspils Communal Administration, the construction work will be carried out by SIA “Warss+”, the construction supervision will be done by SIA “Firma L4”, and the author supervision will be carried out by “Balts un Melns”, architect Ija Rudzīte.

The construction of the new museum building and the creation of the exhibition are taking place within the framework of the ERDF co-financed project “Preserve, Protect and Develop Significant Culture and Natural Heritage and Promote the Services Related Thereto” (No.

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