Publish date 03.08.2023

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, in autumn 2023 the bagpipe and drum group “Auļi” invites the audience to take a look back at its achievements in the concert series “Deviņvīru spēks”. The first concert of the anniversary tour will take place on 17. november at Ventspils Theatre House “Jūras vārti”.

Kaspars Bārbals, the leader of the band, says: “During these years we have successfully collaborated with various singers from different countries of the world, and we would like to reflect this collaboration in our concerts. We have developed a unique solution, realising that we will not be able to invite all our friends to every concert on the tour: “Auļi” will perform live, and different singers will join via video screen. We will see Mongolian throat singer Batzorig Vaanchig, Madagascan singer Kilema and many others. There will also be “Tautumeitas”! “Auļi” has released eleven albums during its career. By listening to the songs and stories, as well as watching the videos, concert-goers will have the opportunity to relive the highlights of the twentieth anniversary with “Auļi”.”

A special guest at the anniversary concerts will be singer Andrejs Planders, who sang the legendary “Sūda dziesma” on the very first “Auļi” album: “Over the past twenty years – since the very beginnings of “Auļi” – my paths have crossed frequently with this band. That’s why I’m happy to have finally become a full member!” Composer Mārtiņš Miļevskis says: “Although I was not present at the beginning of “Auļi”, in the last ten years I have been actively involved in the group’s activities both as a musician and a composer. I am particularly proud of the compositions in which I have been able to combine “Auļi” powerful sound with the colour of the singers’ voices. I will participate in concerts not only as an instrumentalist, but also as a singer.”

“Especially for the concert programme “Deviņvīru spēks”, in collaboration with master drummer Rihards Valters, we have created a new big stump drum, which is even bigger than the previous one. The process of creating the drum can be seen on “Auļi” social networks, and it will be seen and heard at our concerts,” reveals drummer Kaspars Indrēvics, while band member – videographer and bagpiper Gatis Indrēvics – says: “As a member of “Auļi”, it has always been important for me to create impressive music videos alongside “Auļi” music, highlighting the peculiarities of “Auļi” drums and bagpipes and the beauty of Latvian nature. My video works will be a striking complement to “Auļi” live performance on tour.”

The band “Auļi” was founded in May 2003, when Mikus Čavarts united the most active bagpipe and stump drum players in Latvia at that time. The name of the band also has two meanings: horse aulis, which we associate with drum rhythms, and aulis, as an ancient beehive to be put in a tree. The sound of the bees is like a bagpipe.

Over the years, the line-up of “Auļi” has changed a little, and there have been some impressive collaborations with other musicians, but today the active members are drummer Kaspars Indrēvics, Mārtiņš Miļevskis, Edgars Krūmiņš, Edgars Kučiks, bagpipers Kaspars Bārbals, Edgars Kārklis, Leanne Barbo, Gatis Indrēvics, Normunds Vaivads, bassist Gatis Valters and singer Andrejs Planders.

Tickets for the “AUĻI” concerts can be purchased at “Biļešu Paradīze”.

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