Rubenis’ battalion was well-armed and organised division with more than 600 troops that saw themselves as a national force which stood apart from the two hostile occupant regimes during the WW2. T The battle they won at the end of 1944 was the longest and most extensive battle in the history of Latvian national resistance. The unit enjoyed extensive public support and confirmed a high level of morality in fighting for the idea of restoration of a democratic Latvia.

In order to get the real taste of the battle together with Andrejs Ķeizars you can go to the encampment of 2nd company of Rubenis’ battalion in forest, near the lake Ilziķu, next to the former houses of Ilziķi. After hearing his story and taking a sip of healing drink you will relive dramatic autumn events. He offers two routes. The shortest is drive to bunker; the longest – drive through battle routes of Rubenis’ battalion, towards Renda. In autumn the most beautiful definitely is the second one.

A Rememberance event is happening every year, on November 14, at 4pm, next to the Lake Ilziķis.

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