Jūrkalne is one of the most picturesque seashores in Latvia, which stands out with a beautiful sandy beach and the highest bluff in Latvia.

A special ladder leads from the 20 m high bluff to the beach, thus allowing to enjoy an amazing view. The ladder has been restored several times, as the strong storms cause the shoreline to recede significantly. In fact, the largest coastal erosion can be observed directly near Jūrkalne.

After the World War II, the Jūrkalne beach and the bluff marking the western border of the Soviet Union could be accessed only with special permissions. However, for a couple of decades now, Jūrkalne is again a very popular travel destination, especially in the summer.

The sandy beach is an excellent place for sunbathing, while the sea itself is very appealing to the enthusiasts of water sports. Jūrkalne is also a popular destination among windsurfers, kiteboarders, and SUP enthusiasts. Also, this is a great place for paragliding.

Here one can observe the memorial “The Sail of Hopes” dedicated to the refugees of World War II, who escaped to Sweden, the old bridge over the Rīva River, the Fire Meadow with a nature path, the Brewer’s Stone, and the memorial ensemble created by the sculptor Ģirts Burvis as a dedication to the Felixberg Naval School.

There is also an access road with benches and a picknick table. During the summer season, the visitors may use a WC.


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