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Ventspils Tourism Novelties
Laupäev, 18. Jaanuar — Kolmapäev, 18. Märts.

In Ventspils, 2019 has brought significant changes in the life and environment of the city. The special centenary came with gifts such as opening the concert hall “Latvija” – a gift from Ventspils residents to Latvia in its centenary, one of the dunes on the Blue Flag Beach has a new sign shaped as an outline of Latvia presented by Ventspils entrepreneurs.

In relation to the special romantic atmosphere of the city, at the end of the Newspaper Alley, the 10th fountain in Ventspils – “Umbrella” was revealed last year. This year will also be significant for residents of Ventspils – the city celebrates its 730th anniversary.

The brightest event of the year – opening of the acoustic concert hall “Latvija”

The reconstructed Great Square with its unique fountain “Frigate Wallfisch (Whale)” has become the jewel of the city, which due to its special atmosphere has become a popular place for Ventspils residents and guests, now it is supplemented with the acoustic concert hall “Latvija”, which is the centre for music, arts and cultural education of Northern Kurzeme. Respecting the local and national context, the repertoire of the new concert hall consists of performances of the best Latvian music, as well as exclusive and first-time concerts by foreign artists. What makes the musical offer special is the use of two globally unique musical instruments. The concert hall “Latvija” has pipe organ, consisting of 3060 organ pipes, built by German organ building company “Johannes Klais Orgelbau”, as  well as piano “470i” by piano builder David Klavins of Latvian origin; at the moment this is the world’s largest piano and it is made in Hungary. The piano is exclusive because of the large resonator and the long strings enclosed in a metal frame, the piano has a full 88-key keyboard, but the vertical arrangement of the strings gives the piano a very timbral, deep and rich sound. The overall height of the piano is 4.70 m and in order to reach the keyboard, the pianist will have to use a specially built staircase.

Our own Latvia at the top of the dune

In the honor of the centenary of Latvia, thanks to Ventspils manufacturing company “Bucher Municipal”, last year, the city became one environmental object richer. The company staff presented a unique gift to Ventspils city on the anniversary of Latvia – in the highest zone of Ventspils seaside dunes of the 5th foot-bridge, next to the beach volleyball court, a Latvian outline sign created on a platform with benches and a walkway to the platform, whose shape and layout depict the infinity sign developed for the 100th anniversary of the Latvian state, creating a symbolic link between the environmental object and the surrounding landscape. This gift to the city serves as a new viewing and photography place not only for the residents of Ventspils, but also for guests of the city. The iconic spot on the Baltic Sea coast at sunset is particularly popular with professional photographers and users of social network “Instagram”.

10th fountain “Umbrella” opened in Ventspils

Since last August, the city has become more romantic thanks to the Newspaper Alley created by architect Andris Veidemanis. At the end of the alley a new environmental design object was revealed – the fountain “Umbrella” created by sculptor Gleb Panteleev. The new fountain “Umbrella” is located at the intersection of Ganibu – Juras –  Kuldigas streets as an addition and continuation to the existing fountains “Wallfisch (Whale)”  and “Sun Boats”. Symbolically, the surrounding streets with their traffic and a small resting island between them, invite you to stop in your daily hurry to watch the umbrella and the water flowing from it. The artwork – fountain “Umbrella” is a symbol that creates security, protection and unity!

In 2020 – Ventspils 700 +30

The year 2020 will be just as successful as the previous one, this year the city will celebrate its 730th anniversary and this year's gift to the city residents will be the opening of the Port Promenade extension, a unique place to enjoy the port views and history. But without that, several street additions are planned in the new area, which will serve as both original and unique design elements and tourist attractions. It is remarkable that many of the planned elements, which once served the port, will experience their second life. The port’s promenade will have a pilot boat “Rota” available for viewing, a buoy gallery and other shipping-related elements.

The construction of the Science and Innovation Centre continues

The Science Centre will offer educational interactive exhibit halls, classrooms, laboratories and technically creative workshops. Exhibitions and newly developed study programs will stimulate the interest of children and young people in science, development of technologies and engineering from an early age, promoting the interest of young people with practical classes. The opening of the centre is planned in 2022.

Ventspils guests are invited to various events throughout the year

Spring will begin in Ventspils on April 12, when we will celebrate Easter at the Seaside Open-Air Museum, the opening of Summer Tourism and Cycling Season will take place on May 9, as usual the Friday Evening Walk will delight Ventspils residents and guests twice a year – on May 22 and August 28. Festival “Lilium Vindaviensis 2020” will gather fans of Medieval music and knight battles on June 6 at the Castle of the Livonian Order. Ventspils Schlager Music Festival will take place on July 4. A celebration in the honor of the Sea Festival will be held on July 11 at the Promenade of Ostas Street; however, motorcyclists from all Europe during “Kurland Bike Meet 2020” will gather in Ventspils from July 17 to 19. The 1st anniversary celebration of the concert hall “Latvija” will be held on July 25. We will celebrate Ventspils anniversary 700+30 for three days from July 31 to August 2. Athletic-minded people and enthusiasts of active recreation are invited to the Adventure Park Marathon on June 21 and the Latvian Nordic Walking Festival on August 8.  We advise music fans to follow the musical program of the concert hall “Latvija” and to attend the contemporary rhythm music festival and master class “Ventspils Groove 2020” on August 14 and 15. We will say goodbye to the summer on August 29 by playing music on Staldzene Beach with bonfires of the Ancient night of fire. Autumn moods will be brought by the birthday celebration of Latvia on November 18 and the Bridge Celebration with spectacular fireworks. On November 28, the miraculous waiting for Christmas will begin in Ventspils, when thousands of beautiful shimmering rope lights and objects will light up, simultaneously lighting up the Christmas tree on the Great Square. On Christmas, December 25, celebration of the Narrow-Gauge Railway Train will take place at the Seaside Open-Air Museum.

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