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Ventspils valmistub kontserdisaali Läti avamiseks
Neljapäev, 25. Juuli — Reede, 25. Oktoober.

On July 25 and 26, with special opening event concerts, a new cultural, art and educational space – concert hall “Latvija” began its work. One of the most ambitious cultural projects of recent years will unite the acoustic concert hall “Latvija” with the Great and Small Hall, Ventspils Music High School and Children's Music School, as well as the Music Library and sound recording studio.

The opening concerts of the concert hall “Latvija”, taking place on July 25 and 26, featured the State Academic choir ”Latvija”, Ventspils Culture Centre’s women’s choir “Venda”, mixed choir “Ventspils”, the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and soloists – Iveta Apkalna (organ), Intars Busulis (vocals), Gints Pabērzs (saxophone) and Emīls Patriks Dzenītis (vocals). The artistic director of the concert programme – Māris Sirmais.

Two first performances were included in the festive programme – “Atklāšanas fanfaras” by Vilnis Šmīdbergs, oratorio “Jūras grāmata” by Raimonds Tiguls and Nora Ikstena. Maestro Raimonds Pauls’ popular concert programme was performed.

On July 27, solo concert on pipe organ was performed by organist Iveta Apkalna, the listeners were offered to enjoy compositions by Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens, George Thalben-Ball, Sofia Gubaidulina, Paul Dukas, Sezar Frank, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ferencz Liszt, as well as Latvian first performance of composition “Hymnus” by Pēteris Vasks.

The newly-opened concert hall is proud of two world-class unique musical instruments –manual acoustic concert organ and vertical concert piano. The concert organ was created in the company “Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH & Co. KG” in Germany. Whereas the second is currently the world's largest vertical concert piano "470i", made in the company “Klavins Piano Manufaktura Kft” by piano builder David Klavins who is of Latvian origin.

The Great Hall features 578 seats for spectators. The Small Hall has a special significance as well, it is built according to the so-called “black box” principle, which is meant for chamber music events and can be transformed in the summer season – one of the facades of the building opens as a gate and an open-air stage is created, which is easy for visitors to watch from the spectator slope or from the seats set up if necessary in the Big Square. On July 28, as the opening concert series reached its end, the first open-air concert from the new concert hall took place, which featured performances by Ventspils Music High School students and Big Band.

The author of Ventspils Big Square and the concert hall project is the office of German architects “Haascookzemmrich Studio 2050” and David Cook. Thinking about the building’s maintenance and green solutions, 13 different energy-efficient technologies were used. The construction works began in February, 2017, and concluded in this year’s July.

The next concerts are listed on the homepage of the concert hall “Latvija”


08:00-18:00 (1,2,3,4,5);

10:00-16:00 (6)

10:00-16:00 (7)


Aadress: Dārzu 6, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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