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Address: Zlēkas, Zlēku pagasts, Ventspils novads

GPS: 57.11477, 21.8143099

Zlēkas manor-house and park

Zlēkas manor-house and park was owned by von Behrs' family and built in XVIII-XIX century.  Manor-house is surrounded by pond and 4 ha wide park which has approximately 15 sorts of foreign trees and bushes.

Nowadays park has tables and benches made of trees thrown down by windfall. Now during the Midsummer’s night here is the main bonfire place. An open-air stage was built as well.

Next to the manor-house is located Zlēkas Lutheran church (1645), formerly called Zlēkas Cathedral for its luxurious interior.

Zlēkas Watermill is a historical building from the 2nd half of the XIX century, used for shooting the legendary Latvian movie “Velna kalpi velna dzirnavās” (Devil's servants in Devil's mill).

On the East of manor-house there is Karātavu hill which in past was used as sacred place for idol worshiping. The hill has mighty secular trees and Recreation Park with several nature objects, such as Phoenix and The Eye of the Universe. Zlēkas Recreation Park is a monument in honour of people with special abilities.

Near the Karātavu hill there is another smaller hill which has saved the evidence of horrifying war time, there are buried victims of Zlēkas tragedy– approximately 160 citizens of Zlēkas locality, who have been killed by German SS and SD military divisions for defending nationally-minded partisans- Kurelians. 



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Aadress: Dārzu 6, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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