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Adress: Lielais prospekts 48, Ventspils

Telephone:+371 26480162


Instagram: Radošā maizes laboratorija

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Creative bread laboratory “Ramala”

“Ramala” on a daily basis is operating as a Cafe, where everyone can purchase and taste freshly-baked bread of unusual flavours and other treats related to bread, by placing a special emphasis on healthy products. Taking into account the recent trends, we offer gluten-free bread, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes and beverages. We have arranged and continue to improve environment of the Cafe as a children and family-friendly place, where to spend time and have a meal in an interesting atmosphere.

The creative bread laboratory “Ramala” is a place where everyone has an opportunity to experience a different bread-baking process. Value added is getting a deeper knowledge of yourself, meditation and well-spent time with your family, friends or colleagues. Special programs especially for kindergarten children and pupils with entertaining and educational elements, for families and friend groups, as well as for the work teams with the team-building or employee motivation elements are being offered by the place. We offer also the premises and entertaining program for the celebration of birthdays and other thematic events.

“Ramala” is special with a fact that it is a social company, which means that all earned profit will be dedicated to a social purpose - for rehabilitation of the persons suffering from abuse and people with special needs.


08:00-17:00 (1,2,3,4,5) 

10:00-16:00 (6,7)

10:00- 15:00 (National holidays)





Aadress: Dārzu iela 6, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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