Meie veebileht kasutab kolmandate isikute küpsiseid, et parandada teie kogemust siin, samuti küpsiseid, mis tagavad veebilehe toimimise. Jätkates meie lehe kasutamist nõustute küpsiste kasutamisega. Kui te ei soovi küpsiste kasutamist lubada, siis saate veebibrauseri turbesätetes selle seadistada. Kui küpsised on keelatud, siis on veebilehe toimimine häiritud. Lisateavet küpsiste kohta leiate siit.


Several cycling routes now available to cyclists in Ventspils and its surroundings
Reede, 19. Märts — Reede, 30. Aprill. Ventspils

The spring is just around the corner. Waking up from winter slumber, the flourishing parks and green spaces in Ventspils invite everyone to enjoy the nature! One of the best ways to go sightseeing is going for a ride by bicycle. The cycling trails with a total length of 60 km wind their way through the entire city, connecting the most popular tourist attractions and significantly facilitating the sightseeing of the most beautiful places in the city. The cyclists can choose from a wide range of cycling routes in the surroundings of the city. Indeed, Ventspils is a cyclist-friendly city, ensuring easy access to your destinations!

The cycling route Old Town – New Town runs from the berth of the tour boat “Hercogs Jēkabs” along the port promenade, leaving the fountain “Ship Watcher”, the Livonian Order Castle, the cow statue “Travelling Cow” and other sites in its wake.

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The route “From the Stag to the Sailor”, on the other hand, runs along the forest to the sea, whereas the routes “Along the Bank of Venta” and “Explore the Right Bank” allows the cyclists to explore the district of Pārventa.

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The enthusiasts of long-distance routes will enjoy one of the longest and most popular cycling routes in Ventspils –Around the Lake Būšnieki. With a total length of 20 km, this route starts in Ventspils and runs through the district of Pārventa, finishing in Staldzene. Along the way, one can visit the large Deer Garden with a total area of 30 ha, as well as enjoy a relaxing moment at the Lake Būšnieki, where modern and well-maintained bathing and picknick sites are available to the holidaymakers.

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The cyclists are invited to take a look at the cycling map, learn more information on several cyclist routes running through the city and choose one that has caught their interest. However, if you do not own a bicycle, there are several places in the city where to rent bicycles and TRIX cycles. For more information, click here.


Not only do the cycling trails encourage the locals to enjoy active leisure activities and do sports, but also allow the city to successfully form part of the network of cycling routes EuroVelo 10 and EuroVelo 13 and the cyclists to continue cycling further through the region of Kurzeme.

The route EuroVelo 10 stretches along the coastline of the Baltic sea, allowing the cyclists to take in its natural and cultural resources. It runs along the untouched seashore and coastal areas, which, in some sections, have preserved their primeval character. With a variety of nature parks and reservations, cultural highlights and tourist destinations, this route is suitable for those who wish not only to take a trip that involves active leisure activities, but also enjoy a relaxing moment by the sea and observe the nature.

EuroVelo 13, also known as the route of “Iron Curtain”, perfectly reflects unique historical evidence and allows you to discover a number of military heritage and other sites over its entire length. In Latvia, the route with a total length of 562 km winds its way from Ventspils to the North, giving you the opportunity to visit 12 Liv villages and see the what is left of the former Soviet army town “Zvaigznīte” and the radio astronomy centre of Irbene.

The trip continues with the cycling route “Through the Liv Villages”, which passes through the historic Liv fishing villages and stretches along the “Big Sea” and Slītere National Park. This route starts in Mazirbe and runs through Košrags, Pitrags, Saunags and Vaide. This route with a total length of approximately 28 km can be finished in one day.

However, if you decide to go for a longer ride, in Košrags, this route branches off in another route – “Along the Big Sea and the Small Sea”, also known as the Circle of Slītere. Since it is a circular route, you can choose to go the opposite direction, which means that you can start the route in Košrags or Melnsils and finish it at any other site. This route with a total length of approximately 50 km can be finished in one day or you can choose to finish it in two days with overnight stay in tourist accommodations. This route gives the cyclists a perfect opportunity to appreciate the coastal nature and the Liv cultural heritage.

You are welcome to take a look at the cycling routes in Kurzeme, but if you are up for longer trips, the EuroVelo Map could come in handy.

For more information on cycling routes, visit the website!


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