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The Renovated Promenade of Ostas Street in Ventspils Is Open to Visitors!
Kolmapäev, 29. Aprill — Teisipäev, 30. Juuni.

Ventspils is now one tourist attraction richer, the renovated Promenade of Ostas Street is open to visitors with a wide view of the river Venta, the sea gate, the old workshops of the port, an impressive collection of buoys and the exhibited pilot ship "Rota". The new section of the promenade visually and contentfully enriches the features of Ventspils city.

The newly opened section of Ostas Street leads from the “Winter Port” to the Captain's Office of Ventspils Port and winds along the historic port workshops, which for many years, due to the high fence and added buildings, obscured the view of the historic buildings. Historically, there was once a significant period in the life of Ventspils, when the tsarist government decided to build a railway from Moscow to Ventspils. This increased the port's turnover many times, the population of Ventspils also increased, but large warehouses, elevators and freezers were built in the port. Port workshops were built in the beginning of the 20th century (probably already in 1903), as a part of the terminal complex of the Ventspils - Moscow - Rybinsk railway line (one of the more than a hundred buildings built as a complex at that time). The workshops retained their original function until the end of last year. The volume of the port workshops is an architecturally very expressive witness of its era, the development of Ventspils Port and railway and an essential component of the panorama of the river Venta.

The pilot ship "Rota", which worked in Ventspils Port for many years, is located next to the so-called "Winter Port".

There are 14 buoys and markers along the bank of Venta, which have now been given a second life – to tell those interested about seafaring. An information plate is placed next to each buoy, which explains the purpose of the particular type of buoy. Next to the Port Captain's Office at the entrance of the small fishing port is the "Lighthouse of Love" – an environmental object specially designed for newlyweds. In many parts of Latvia, a tradition has taken root – to symbolically lock the hearts of newlyweds on a wedding day by attaching a lock to, for example, bridge railings. Now Ventspils will also have a special place to implement such a tradition.

The new Promenade of Ostas Street is also made attractive by specially designed and chosen lighting lanterns and sidewalks made of various types of attractive cobblestone pavements, including a clinker cobblestone bicycle path.

In the future, the promenade area will be supplemented with more new environmental objects by installing an impressive port crane and a ship's propeller, while it is planned to create a large children's education and recreation centre in the building next to the port workshops. The projects are planned to be implemented gradually, in several stages, and it is hoped that one day not only the facades of the port workshop buildings will get a new breath, but also the indoor space, where it is planned to find a home for the port-themed museum. The building has historically preserved various mechanical devices, work tables and lathes.


08:00-18:00 (1,2,3,4,5);

10:00-16:00 (6,7)



Aadress: Dārzu 6, Ventspils, LV 3601
: +371 63622263, +371 29232226

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