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Ventspils – A Dog-Friendly City


One of the best walking places where people can relax with their four-legged friends is the infrastructure built in the South-West part of the city last year – Saulrieta Street and 10th entrance to the sea. Over the gray dune area, protected territory of European importance, there is a newly built, long, wooden pathway. A special trash bin for dog excrements is located at the beginning of the pathway, next to the information stands. This beach is very popular among many dog owners, dozens of friendly pets relax at the beach every day.


Locals must be informed that municipal authority “Komunālā pārvalde” is responsible for dog registration in the city of Ventspils, where every year after paying municipal fee (5.50 EUR per year), the owner receives a fee badge, serving later as a recognition sign in case if the dog gets lost and also for the opportunity to use the city walking areas, where special trash bins for dog excrements are installed, these urns can be found in 23 places in the city – next to the dog walking areas at Saules Street 110A, Brīvības Street 27A and Rindas Street 33, as well as at the park “Zviedru valnis”, Reņķa Garden, Tilta (Bridge) Garden, Sarkanmuižas dambis, next to Pārventa forest park, centre of Pārventa and other places.


If dog owners find it difficult to leave their pet at home when going on a longer trip or on a business trip, Ventspils has thought about it! A dog hotel is located at Robežu Street 98, managed by a professional cynologist Sarmīte Šlisere. Dogs are offered comfortable and pleasant conditions of residence –  walks in a spacious yard or forest, a meal and fresh drinking water, living in comfortable home conditions without cages, and caring for the pet's health if necessary.


Often, when going out, it is not possible to take your four-legged friend with you – pets are not allowed in many cafes, restaurants and other recreational places. But that is not the case in all places – there are several dog-friendly places in Ventspils. It has to be said that the privileges are for small-sized dogs that can be easily picked up, with large dogs visiting the premises of an establishment can be more problematic.

All units of Ventspils Museum – the Castle of the Livonian Order, House of Crafts, Seaside Open-Air Museum and Herberts Dorbe Memorial Museum “Dust of Ancestors” welcome obedient pets. “Obedient pets” – those who are able to behave well at home and other places, and whose presence does not endanger other visitors and whose behavior is entirely the responsibility of their owners.

People in Ventspils can safely go to other public places with obedient dogs as well – “Adventure Park”, “International Writers and Translators’ House”, stadium of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, “Ventspils Digital Centre”, visiting exhibitions at the Theatre House “Jūras vārti”. Small dogs that can be picked up by the owner are welcome to visit the Main and Pārventa Library, Planetarium and Observatory of Creativity House, “Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre” and “Kurzeme Demo Centre”.


Dog-friendly cafes in Ventspils are “Jūras brīze”, “Ostas 23”, “Bolers”, “Bullīts”, “Lata”, “Panorāma”, “Kārumnieks”, “Cali Cafe”, “Mūsmājas”, “Kupfernams”, “Rātsgalds”, “Windau Coffee”, “Tex-Mex Republic Ventspils”, “Stenders Pica”, “Sushi Fighter”. The condition that a catering establishment can only be visited by small dogs exists at “Skroderkrogs”, bistro “Akvārijs” and “Jaunpilsēta”.

Many accommodations in Ventspils also welcome guests with their pets for a separate fee, but before going on a holiday, we strongly recommend that you contact the hosts of the accommodation and make sure that you can spend the night with your particular pet and how much it will cost you. Dogs and owners are welcome at “Seaside Camping”, holiday homes and apartments “Amrai”, “Namelis” and “Pliederi”, hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, hotel “Raibie logi”, guest house “Marbella”, “Veldzes nams”, “Villa Victoria” and “Zītari”.


Dog owners are invited to share pictures on social media by the flower sculptures, fountains, cow sculptures, in cafes, accommodations and other well-known objects in Ventspils, using hashtags #VisitVentspils and #VentspilsĶepas.


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