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Address: Tārgales pagasts, Ventspils novads 

GPS: 57.596252217302535, 21.947524433975293

Nabeļkalns (Hill)

Nabeļkalns or a border hill is a state protected archaeological monument. Surrounded by legends and myths, the ancient hill between two counties with the Vecnābele River, also called Lūžupe or Nabeļupe, marks the historical border between the lands of the Livonian Order and the Kurzeme diocese, later, from 1680, between the Pope Manor of the Baron Behr and Ventspils Crown Manor. This object has already attracted the attention of historians in the 19th century. Augusts Bīlenšteins recorded it in 1869.
Nabeļkalns is located in Tārgale Parish, Ventspils Region, on the right side of the former Lūžņa – Miķeļtornis section of the narrow-gauge railway line, on the property “Olmaņu mežs” managed by the Latvian State Forests. The hill is located about 0.3 km to the SW of the “Vētru” house and about 120 m to the south of the former railway line tracks. It is a solitary hill, with very steep, about 10 m high edges, the top of the hill was dug in antiquity. The Vecnābele River flows along the hill on the south-east, south and south-west sides. According to the written archive information, excavations have been made several times in the mountain in the 20th century; one pit has been dug at the top of the mountain. Now the mountain is hard to oversee, overgrown, broken trees have fallen on it; they are also visible at the foot of the mountain.


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